Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


20. Harry's

Two Months later.

Harry's Pov.

It's been a while since i saw her. Two whole months. TWO FUCKING MONTHS. I called Zayn. I couldn't hold back i needed to know what happened to her. It's not that i'm falling for her...i guess, it's because i'm still a person who cares.

I don't care for her, i just...care.

"It's Zayn."

"Zayn, it's m-" *beep.beep.beep* he just ended the call?! I called again but the mobile wasn't available. Maybe it's his batery. It better is.

He completly messed up everything. I wanted to have a perfect life. everything was messed up. Then i found this bastard with her on Zayn's island.

everything seemed to be so easy. I rescued her. She would have died without me.

This shity guy would have done it on his own. He just will put her down and let her fall.

I was there to catch her. He was NOT.

"She's mine." i said. Into the empty room. It wasn't empty. But the one who filled it was gone.

"I'll bring her back and take care of her. I promise!" Istood up from that little leather chair and opened the white wood door. I turned around again to look over all those things. I missed her but i need to move on.

"I wont let her down. I'll do it for you."

Zayn's Pov.

This Bastard. Why haven't i thought of him? It was him. The whole thing. He's the reason why I walk with crutches, why Louis is in hospital not able to speak a word, why Niall is completly frantic and why Rose is gone. I already sat in the boat the most of the track behind me. I saw the island. The boat hit the sand and i jumped out. I ran to the house and craching my fist in the door. I don't wanted to smash it but that was exactly what happened.

"What the fuck?" i heard harry shouting and coming upstairs to me.

Harry's Pov.

"What the fuck?" i ran up to the door. There i saw Zayn standing outside. Through the hole in the wooden door.

"Zayn? What the heck are you doing?" i opened the door and he stormed inside.

"Where is she?"

"What?" he looked dead serious but i couldn't understand the question.

"WHERE IS ROSE?!" She's not with him?

"I thouguht she is with you and this bast-... guy" Zayn stepped close and looked in my eyes. He checked if i said the truth.

"Sure that she's not in this house?"

"I not broght her here. And if she's here, she don't wanted to let me know." what a weird shit. "She's not with me. I realy haven't touched her or even seen her since you and your friend took her with you." Zayn checked my eyes again.

"I shoudn't trust you." he turned around.

"Mind if i check your house?" i stayed silent. Everything i could have said would sound like a bluff. He puffed out. "Harry she's gone. Somebody got Niall on drugs and told him to shoot  everyone. So he did. Maybe somebody just scared the hell out of him. He shot Louis-bastard as you call him. He shot me." he pointed on his leg. "Rose woke up when he came she managed to get niall quiet. Someone shot again but it wasn't me nor niall. Niall protected her. But as i got back I couldn't find her."

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