Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


26. Eyes and Ears

The table was full of things. Of Food. Flowers. Everything. And to much not eatable stuff for my taste. i usualy had my plate, a knife, butter, chocolate cream or honey and two slces toast. There where thousand of marmalade, cheese, ham, oranges, orangejuice and oher Juices but well i choose the only honey and put it on my toast.not  Croissant or any of the other kinds of bread. i'm sorry but i realy just wanted to eat. I realy don't know why we Need to discuss things while eating. i hate to explain Thing while i'm eating. I don't mean like small things. I mean important dishes. Breakfast is the badest time to discuss hardly anything. I hate it to talk while eating. this was the real grumpy side of me. I haven't said it. of cause. it would be rude.

"So how did you two got to know each other?" He asked looking back to Harry and then to me. We sat at this Long table we sat on yesterday. Leonardo, how i should call him now, sat at the short end he sat at yesterday. he had th perfect view over everything.i sat also at the same place. in the middle of the Long side to his right, Harry right over me. it was weird. like this big table and harry's and my feet were touching. I wonder if Harry had the same plan like his father. I had the Feeling i was back in theese old times where they nearly sold their daughter to have a wealthy husband to get many children. I felt how leonardo's eyes greedily searched for a charming gaze between us. he searched the love.

"You hair Looks beautiful today.isn't it Harry?" he asked as he realised that whether i nor him wanted to answer. Harry slowly looked up to me. His green eyes meet mine. Shy he tried to look at my hair but i saw how his eyes couldn't let go of mine. He looked questioning. I wouldn't give any answer. i looked down on my Hands.

"She's always looking beautiful." he said.

"I had a plane Crash. A guy and i surived. I rescued him out of the water and we swam to an Island wich was Zayn's if you know him. We started to build up a hut in the trees and live in the wild because wheter we found zayn nor anything living sing from other People on this Piece of land. we got along and one day Louis, that was his Name, went out and i stayed in our hut. then i ffell over something while going outside. I fell and screamed but then Harry appeared and catched me.  he got me unconscious and brought me to his house. without Louis. Though he knew that Louis was there too." it was dead silent.

"I woke up in his house on this Island also far away from others. He bought thousands of clothes i never asked for. He did so much i nver asked for. and maybe never wanted. One day a boat appeared. it were Zayn Louis and some other friends of him. They found the desperate Louis on Zayns Island and took him to their homes. They searched for me. and found me. They wanted to take me with them. with Louis. but Harry don't wanted them to and started to shout and fight. I wanted to go with them because I knew Louis. I liked him. I probably loved him. I'm sorry i haven't said goodbye. But we left and i got to call my Family. Well m brother. He said he would come and visit me. Because i wanted to stay. Louis and i shared a Bungalow we got and lived there. We searched for Jobs. But one day a friend came into our hous and started Shooting. without any good reason but he did and so he shot three People. Louis. i don't even know if he's still alive, Zayn, same like Louis but he was gone and him- no sombody else shot. if he wouldn't have moved he would have shot me but he saved me. i called the Police and everything but as they were there i lost them. There were thousands of People. i just searched for familiar faces but there were None. then a few guys kidnapped me, i got ill and then they sold me." i took a deep breath.

"To your father."

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