Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


18. Crowd

"But- He said- I thought..."

"Shhshhh. Everything will be ok. Don't listen to what others say to you. Nobody is able to know everything so nobody's ever completly right. You decide what's right and what's wrong. But i can tell right now nobody want's to hurt you. Neither Zayn,Louis nor me. We all like you and we would never hurt anyone of our group. I promise." he thightened his grip and pulled me behind him. in a piece of a second i heard how someone pulled the trigger, Niall throw us both to the ground and hovered over me to cover me up. The shot hit the wall behind us. It was a thin wall so the bullet left a whole in the wall i wanted to stand up but niall still layed over me without moving. He nearly stopped breathing likehe was dead but i still could feel his heart beating.

"Rose?" i heard zayn calling. Niall hinted me to pretend that he was dead. Icarefully pushed him aside and stood up again.

"Zayn? Where are you?" I could see a pool of blood where he got shot but not Zayn.

"ZAYN?!" i got quite scared because of Louis... He laid there covered in blood not moving not at all. Niall was scared of something but i couldn'T say what. I ran back into the house to grab my phone. I called Liam. he picked up and i asked what to do. He told me just to wait and not to move. He called police and ambulance and said he came too. I sat beside Louis. i cried and tried to get him back alive but i had no clue what to do i tried to do how all the others in movies do but after a few minutes the ambulance arrived. They came lifted niall and Louis up and took them in their car. thousands of police man came i was lost. i once saw Liam but lost him in the crowd. 

"Look what we've got here?" i heard an old raspy men voice behind me. i tried to go away but as soon as i tried to run i heard an clicking sound and felt one piece of an handcuff around my wrist.

I screamed some turned around but they don't seem to react. I saw someone familiar. I i thought i would. He looked like Harry but i wasn't sure. Then someone put some piece of fabroc in front of my mouth.

"Sweet Dreams."

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