Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


24. Crash

Harry's Pov:

I went through all These letters. Again so muh uninteresting stuff. ads, bills, letters from my parents, bills- wait what?

I had recieved a letter from my parents? but that's impossible. i ripped it open to find a handwriten letter.


Dear Harold

I know it's Long time ago but i finaly felt able to write you. I am so sorry. Sorry for everything I've ever done to you. I searched for you and i would apreciate to see you again. i know it's been 6 years since we've seen the last time but something happend and i woke up out of my Trance. i was asleep. myself wasn't in my Body. i was somebody else. As your mother left this world i guess my Soul did the same. but now i was woken up by somebody. a light pulled me back and now i realize all the mistakes i've made. not enough that your mom left. as your sister had this plane chrash i couldn't help myself anymore. and you were the poor victim from my Feelings. I heard that you still managed to have a good life without any help by me. i couldn't be more proud. I wish i would have behaved like you. you were like an adult and kept everything together even when our Family completly colapsed.

Now that i am alive again i ask you to come to a Little Party. To visit me. And thtere will be also People in your Age so you wont be that bored. please do me the honor and come. not even for Long if you don't want, a few minutes just to see you again.


i stopped reading. my dad wrote me. The Pictures in my head were burning and it felt like i'Ve gone trough everything over again. but someway the wods were good. i wouldvisit him. just to Show that i am glad over his mindchange.



I entered the big house. I was late. I guess the diner was already over. But an eldery man was also late so it wouldn't be noticed much. we entered the Dining room ad it was filled with losts of guests. my father sat at the end but he didn't saw me he was speaking with mr. Restem.  He was here often when i was younger. He was an important Person he ued to do buisness with my father. There were two free seets left so i sat down. I got a soup placed in front of me and i just ate quietly and thought about what to do when i wsa finished. the only persons in my Age were These boring guy who recieved everything by theire parents and i guess a wife of one of them. so the guests were completly boring.

I finished my plate and stood up. my father saw me. he smiled brightly at me and nodded. i nooded but i left the room. It was enough for today and he knew it. i walked through the house. The small rooms everywhere.

"Catch me!" she called and i heard her giggeling echoing from everywhere. I jumped to a door and threw it open just another small guestroom, empty. The next one. She squeeled laughing and runned out of the room into the the big room, we shouldn't enter but though she ran into it and slammed the big woodden the behind he and in front of my nose.

"Com'on Harry!" she called. i hesitated. Father got always a Little angry when we went into. But i threw it open. I wouldn't let my sister win the game. I threw it open and ran through the hallway between the bookshelves. But she wasn't there.

"Harrold!" I ducked my head down and flew around. But it just was her.

"Here!" she waved, Standing behind a shelve. Look here. She poined on a book, Standing in a higher row. I couldn't see it.

"What is it?" She smiled and took it.

"It's mom's favourite."

I touched the old iron jack and opend the big woodden door. it was dark inside but i don't needed light anyway. I knew this room. I walked past five rows of bookshelves then left and touched the one row where this one book were. it was thin and small. It was this old theatre. it was- it wasn't there. it was gone. Romeo and Juliette was gone? How could he? I searched again and pulled out the books which used to be beside it but it wasn't there. I decided to leave. how could he take it out of here. It wasn't just his room. it was mums too. She also had her seat. she used to sit there like that- Wait what? There sat someone. in her chair, in a light blue Dress which was like some of hers and the book. It was romeo and juliett.Who was she?

"H-Harry?" she asked and lifted herself out of my mothers chair. Now i got it.

"Rose! What are you doing here?!" she seemed as suprised as me.

"I'm reading and the People aren't very interesting in there. So i decided to read something and found this beautiful chair." she said and sounded like a Lady. She behaved like a Young Lady and she also looked like one.

"How-..." I thought a second about it.

"Isn't your husband sad that you're not with him?" she looked confused.

"What husband?!"

"When you aren't the wife of some of theese Young gentleme here, how did you got here?"

She seemed confused about everything she flopped back down.

"I...I am not allowed to talk about it... I am living and working here for the Sir."

"The Sir? You are living here? And Working? How did this happen?" she seemed lost like a puppy. I guess i asked all the wrong questions. She looked on her feet and went quiet. 

"Harold?" I ducked but then i realized that there was no reason.

"I'm here!" Dad walked towards us til he saw Rose sitting  on mom's chair. He Looked suprised and worried.

"Rose? Is everything alright? Are you okay?" she lifted her face with a few tear stains on and a Little more red than normaly.

"Did h do anything?" she shook her head and tried to calm down herself.

"What was going on here?" Dad turned to me. He wasn't aggresiv he was serious.

"I know her and asked how she got here. She said she would live here and work for "the sir""

"That's true. She is working here. For me. I want my personal call me like that. How did you met?"  now he was going over to me. Curious and selfconfident.

"I found her and i rescued her but someday she was gone." I looked over to her and she was looking right over to me. Now i knew where she was but i didn't knew why she was here.

"Well. I guess we should talk about this tomorrow. It's late. And we are all tired. The other guests are all gone already and Rose, Mark was very sad that you left so early he said it was a pitty you left so early."

"Mark?" rose and i asked parallel. Dad seemed to be very amused about our same reaction.

"the Young man you were sitting next to. He's a great Golfer.And Harold, won't you stay here for the night so we can talk about everything tomorow at breakfast, how does this Sound for you?" i looked at rose again. She looked So perfect.

"okay." HE seemed suprised but glad.

"You're room is still yours. I will tell Martha to do it." Rose stood up.

" I can tell her." she said ans flew out the room.

It was unreal as if she never was there. As if she never sat there. I went over to her seat. There lay a small thin book. "Romeo and Juliett"

"She is very pretty." Dad said smiling as he watched every move i made.

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