Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


13. Crash

rose's pov.

I walked along the beach in a light blue bikini. My brown hair wasn't very tidy, i just had it wild open and my curls flew in the wind. thank god it came right in ma face so i don't need to mess with it. the sand was clean white and palms spended some shadow. i carefully walked into the waves. It was fresh but not as cold as i expected. It was perfect to refresh myself.when the water reached up to my hips i just dived in and opend my eyes. it was totaly clean water and i could see very far. i heard something weird bumping through the water nd made me jump back on my feet.

i turned around to see harry fully clothed running towards me.

"Out of the water!! Hurry huney!!" i wanted to ask why but he was already by my ide picked me up and ran out of the water. as i lay over his shoulder i saw what he meant. there was a great shark. i frowned while harry placed my feet in the sand. i still stared over his shoulder until he turned me around and hugged me tight.

"Please don't ever do that again to me Rose." he  mumbled in my neck.


"I was afraid about you. i thought... Please don't go swimming alone again okay?" i nodded.

"And by the way you can also simply swim in the pool." he chuckled lightly.

"You have a pool? is there something you don't have?" he laughed and nodded.

"and what should that be? i mean you have an island, a big fancy house, enough money to buy tons of clothes and a freaking pool!" his green eyes looked sparkeling in mine. 

"Still there's something missing..." his gaze met something behind me.

"And that is?" i turned around but he held me away.

"Uhh...You need to go in now!"

"Why? What's wrong?" i heard the engine of a boat. i tried to turn around but harry's grip on my shoulders tightened.

"Just do it!" he got angry. i and didn't realy liked the way he talked to me.

"NO!" i shouted. i heard splashing behind me and harry just pushed me to the house.

"GO!" he nearly screamed. i started walking towards the house because... well have you seen his arms? he would just lift me of the ground and threw me the whole way there. i bet without any problem. after a few steps i heard a familiar voice calling.

"ROSE?" i turned around and i saw louis and harry who wasn't behind me (how have he managed that??) fighting. There were a few other guys.

"Zayn!?? WHAT the fuck are you doing here and why did you bring this little piece of shit here?!"

"He searched his girl and i remebered seeing you around, by the way MY island, with a girl. And that's why i brought him here." they were yelling at each other so i could hear every single world it seemed like they... "Don't liked" each other very much. To say it gingerly.

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