Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


10. clothes

We ate breakfast and i felt perfect and threw myself on the bed again. I was completly satisfied and everything was perfect.

"May i come in?"

"Yes of course." he opened the door quietly and stood there with some bags.

"I bought some new clothes for you. I hope they fit." he reached out the bags to me. as curious as always i opened them and pulled out some pairs of shorts in far colours like brown light blue and one made of jeans. The other one was filled with crop tops, t-shirts and some jackets. All of them where like those who always were worn by all those hippie and indie girls. Yeah i liked it.

"They are perfect, but you did not have to do that, neither to pay. It's to much. I will give you back the money." he shook his head and smiled.

"You Wont. I wanted to do it so see it as a present!"

"But it's too much!" he laughed shook his head again and gently pulled me up.

"Well then let me show you something." he lead me to another door in the room, opened the sliding door and lead me into a dark room. Is this a bathroom?
he lighed up the room and i stood in the middle of a walk-in wardrobe. FULL OF CLOTHES.

"Please tell me that is yours!" i mean of course it was awesome but come on i couldn't just take everything.

"i let you guess"with a smirk he took a long floral print dress out of the tons of clothes.

"The wardrobe of your sister?" i guess i must have looked like totaly distgusted and startled. Harry's smile fated.

"Don't you like it?" my mouth opend to say something. but i made no sound. i tried again.

"It's just toooooo much. I like it but i can't take this all!" a soft smile appeared on his lips and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Well it's all yours...And you wouldn't take it if you just would..."

it was kind of awkward that a complete stranger was that close to me in a room full of clothes he just...gave me as present. His eyes were linked to mine and his emerald green met my gray-green-blue mix.i felt his breathe on my cheeks and he slowly leaned in. I don't know why but it was killing me to be close like this to him. It was perfect but somehow it wasn't. Thick brown curls tickeld my forehead and finaly his lips met mine. he kissed me softly and i answered the kiss. Wait, what? i just met him, he kidnaped me and now i am here in an wardrobe making out with him? But somehow i liked it. His smooth touch of his and my lips. but i slowly pulled away. His eyes searched for an answer in mine and  they don't realy gave him. We stood there his arms still around my waist just looking in eachothers eyes. I guess with every other person it would have been awkward or just weird but we managed it to stay serious. To be true somehow there was nothign funny.

"if i just would do what?" his grip thightened. a lot of time passed and he leaned his head against mine cosing his eyes. he exhaled deep and answered quietly.


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