Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


8. Breakfast

i slowly turned around and opened my eyes just to meet his gleaming green eyes- which where about 3 inches from mine. i unfortunatly scealed in shock which killed the mood completly.

"Sorry! i just wasn't-"

"Why are you excusing yourself? It was my fault i guess its quiet scary to wake up with a face like mine in front of yours." he chuckled and seemed to be amused about me.

"Uh...You are not ugly though....I meant like...uhm...Your eyes were just-... maybe TOO beautiful for me to realize and yeah..." he still seemed totaly amused.

"How about breakfast?" Huh? Breakfast? WHAT? I mean...WHAT?

"okay...i guess." i mumbled the last part so a he couldn't hear it. he stood up and reached out his hand for mine. Wow. that is TOTALY awkward...

i just let it happen and he lead me out of the room into a hallway into another room with a large tabel made of just one crosssection of one large tree. it looked awesome. but more important was everything ON the table.

There was everything wich belings to a complete brunch, lots of buns in every form they excist, vegtables, eggs aso in every form they can be eaten and marmelade and everything you could dream of. i just stood in the door with my jar dropped. i was stunned.

The last weeks?- i forgot to count the days... i just ate fish, some birds or something like that(it had wings okay?!) and some weird looking berrys. This was complete paradise to me.

Well except maybe the guy who is holding myy hand right beside me. But i guess it will com-

"Why did you brought me here?!" i couldn't belive i was thinking about staying. the guy kidnapped me and now he think a breakfast and everything is okay?!

"AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" i don'T realy knew why but the more i thought about it i got more upset.

"Hey beautiful, calm down. I am Harry and i saw you and i just... don't know i guess i love you and i realy didn't know how i should... start. As you fall i just catched you and i didn'T know wha your bodyguard would think about that and you broke your ankle and i wanted to help you with it."


*** what do you think about harry? I hope you like it and please like, comment follow this story if you like it :D <3 thanks for reading!!

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