Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


15. Ben

Rose's Pov.

They took me and Louis to a beautiful BIG house. And i realy mean big. I guess the living room was as big as my old flat, my complete flat. It was similar to harry's but without thousands of doors just the few rooms but they were enormous. I guess it was the home of...Liam or Zayn. I forgot in all those action. How could Harry change so much in those few seconds. i am still confused. I mean he was the perfect gentelman in one secon and rescues my life but a few seconds later he beat up Louis... Louis...He kissed me. I nearly forgot. IT felt so right even if i thought about Harry. I mean before Louis kissed me. I Think i need to talk to Louis and i need to talk to Harry too. I need to talk to everyone i guess. I need to talk to my family! Or... i mean all they care about is the money and i guess i would just have to come back immediantly and talk to a "doctor" about how i feel. i guess i just call and say i will stay though.

"Can i call someone?" i asked and the blonde guy sitting beside me on the sofa just gave me his phone.

"You know the numeber?" he had an accent i couldn't classify. i guess it was a british accent or scottish or maybe-

"Rose?" he called me out of my thoughts.

"Uh yes i do. Thank you." i rang up the number of my brother.


"Ben here." i missed the voice of my small brother.

"Rose here." i heard him gasp.

"Rose?? You are alive? I mean is it realy you?" he sounded near to tears. He was the only one who realy cared about me.

"Yes, Ben it's me! I surived somehow. It's a long story but now i am finaly on Hawaii."

"I thought you were dead! I mean... Oh dear. Please come home soon!"

"uh... Ben i need to stay here for a little while. I mean i realy need some relaxing. and now  i realy need this. i mean much more than before i guss you can understand why. But how about  you come here?"

"If that's okay? So i come with mom and dad?"

"NO! please come alone. maybe it sounds mean but they won't help in any way right now..."

"Yeah. i understand what you mean. I will get a ticket as soon as i can and then i will call you- Ehm what's this number?"

"It's the number of a friend. I don't realy know how to call others in near future.-" niall, i finaly remembered his name, cleared his throat and whispered:

"You can use mine when you need one." 

"Uhm...Ben, so call me on this number i am also calling now from. And if a niall pick's up just say you wanna talk me ok?" i heard movements, which meant he nod.

"Okay sweetie call when you got the ticket and could you bring some clothes of mine and some money?" Louis came into the room and sat beside me on the sofa.

"Yeah no prob. See you soon. And Rose?"


"I realy love you and please never scare me like that again. You are the only one who's partly normal in our family and i don't wanna lose you again."

"Aww. I love you too and i'll try to avoid plane crashes in future. Bye." Louis got up gave me an hurt smile and left the room.

"See you soon. Bye" i ended the call and handed the phone back to Niall. who looked curious.

"Your Boyfriend?"

"No. My little brother."


"huh?" why have he shouted it like that? He realized my confused look and answered.

"I guess he thought you had a boyfriend but he thought you would like him. I guess he was hurt because he thought he would be your boyfriend."


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