Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


12. At Zayn's

Louis Pov.

Zayn brought me to Hawaii. Rose and i realy were a few miles away from Hawaii. THE WHOLE TIME!! As we got on dry land i first called my mom. i guess she thought i was dead. i heard her squealing and crying through the phone and my sisters apeared and everyone ws just crying. I just wanted to get to them and hug everyone but as soon i imagined my sisters i thought of rose again.

"I'm sorry but i will stay here for about a week. I need to relax like i wanted. I hope you don't mind but i'll be back in a week, i promis-" i felt a lum in my throat. i already have promised something... i heard how everyoe goodbyed.

"Bye i love you!" i said and hang up.

Zayn was out he told me he got a friend who could help me and that he needed to buy somethings. He left me in his house. it was like i imagined those luxioury houses on here. it had white walls but mostly there were large windows. He seemed to be wealthy. There were two floors and i spend half an hour to explore the house. There werent many rooms but the few excisting were enormus, nont like sooo big just like impressing because of the athmosphere. the second floor was parted into bathroom and bedroom. I guess it was because i havn't seen any shower like thing for a few weeks but the shower was like heaven. i showered and put on some clothes zayn gave me and sat down on his wooden bank in the bedroom. There weren't much electronical stuff but it had style with the paintings on the wall. and one wall was just filled with a enourmus window. it was like you could feel the breeze. I stood there and watched the blue waves crashing and also saw a few surfer. I came here for surfing and relaxing but now i am trying to make good what i failed. i went downstairs past the kingsized bed even if i was totaly exausted. as i arrived downstairs in the big room  which was used for everything exept bed and bathroom i heard the door open. It must be zayn.


***Hey i hope you like it please comment-like or anything to let me know you like it or not or... if you want i can also involve YOU into the story as a new character-> comment you name,look and some things you want to be like :)

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