Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


7. At His

rose's pov:

i opened my eyes and l was lying on a king sized bed. it was soft and fluffy. if i weren't in such a strange situation i would just turn around and rol up under those blakets but i was. i just remember this boy guy man.. whatever. i guess he was in louis age. a little older than me and i am 18 by the way so i could say man...

so i left the best bed in the world and started to intervestigate the room. It was high fashioned. The walls were white and light brown. The furniture was minilaistic and the majorit of the little tablles and shelves were made of wood. The big special in this room seemed to be the WIndow which filled one complete wall.i could only see the dense rainforest. Suprise suprise.

But i couldn't realy guess where this building was. it must be right on the other half which we haven't seen yet.


i jumped. I wasn't prepared for someone to VISIT...so i pretended to sleep to see who it was and how whoever behaves towards me without knowing that i am judging. i jumped under the blankets and waited. Finaly the door was opened carefully and i heard footsteps towards me. I peeked through my closed eyes and saw the curly haired guy. He sat on the bed and leaned over me.

"Are you awake?" i didn't move.

"I hope you will be as beautiful as you look like..."he whispered in my ear still leaning over me. he laid down infront of me. "And hopefully your little friend wont search or find us. He would ruin my whole plan..."


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