Nothing to lose. (16+) niall fanfic

Will Emily's life be turned upside down when she meets Niall at a club one night.


1. meeting him

It would just be like any other Saturday night, going out with the girls getting drunk as I thought to myself as I sat on the bench drinking my orange juice, when my white iPhone 5 buzzed in my pocket

Breihz- Heyy chic, are you coming tonight don't forget its ally's birthday too :) <3

Emily- OMG I totally forgot! And yeah I'll be there pick you up at 8:30

Breihz- haha don't worry I got to presents, you can just say it's from you. Ok see you then

I didn't really wanna go tonight but I thought I better, I walked upstairs to my room to see what I could wear, I took out pair of black high heels a small black skirt and a white low cut shirt from forever new and placed them on my bed. I went for a shower and came back out and put them on, I put on my foundation, mascara, eyeliner and soft pink lipstick on. I couldn't decide how to wear my hair so I curled it and put in a head band with sunflowers on and went downstairs. I hoped in my car and drove to Breihz's house, I walked in all the other girls were already there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I said to ally as I walked past the living room to go up to see Breihz in her room who was just finishing off her long brown hair. We all gathered in the living room ready to go waiting for the taxi to beep to let us know that he's out the fount.

We did two shots of vodka before we left. Suddenly there was a beep from outside, the taxi is here mikayla screamed! We all pulled into the taxi ready for a god night out, we drove past one of the night clubs before when I Released a lot of screaming girls out the front, must be some sort of lady's night ally mumbled over my shoulder as we looked out the window

Finally the taxi pulled up, we payed him and left, ally was first at the bar and brought our first round of drinks

It was now about 12:40 ally and breihz were still dancing, mikayla was talking to some other girls. I wanted to sit down for a little bit so I went up and sat at the bar and asked the bar tender for a glass I water, when I noticed a boy sit next to me with a hoody on. His strong Irish accent as he asked the bar tender for a rum, I caught myself staring at him trying to see his face under the back shadow of his hoody. He ordered two shots of vodka and slid one over to me, he looked up from beneath the shadow and I saw a soft looking blonde boy staring at me

Niall's POV

It was so good to get away from all the screaming girls in the other club I'm surprised they didn't notice me as I walked out. She was so beautiful her long blonde Hair lightly falling over her shoulder hi I'm Niall, Emily she says almost instantly in a soft sweet voice. Can I ask you to dance? She nods her head and grabs my hand.

Things were getting pretty hot on the dance floor I could feel Emily grinding against me. I noticed a few girls taking photos of us, I only just met her but already I felt very protective of her

I grabbed Emily's hand pulled my hoody up and walked out of the club with her

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