Nothing to lose. (16+) niall fanfic

Will Emily's life be turned upside down when she meets Niall at a club one night.


2. he's amazing

Nails POV

I called the taxi and helped Emily in Its about a 30 minute drive to my house so by the time we got there Emily way fast asleep I picked her up and carried he in I took he up to my room and laid her carefully on the bed and went downstairs to get a glass of water.

Emily's POV

I woke up and I was in a bed, I must have went home with that guy from the club. I looked around, this place was huge there was a was a wall covered In white stone with a fire place And what looked a big bathroom and walk in wardrobe. I hear someone coming up the stairs I quickly checked my phone for the time, it was only 2:30 I put my phone down and sat up. I heard the door open a I see a beautiful boy with blue eyes and blonde hair standing I'm the doorway. I don't know how I didn't see it before but it's Niall horan from one direction! He came over and sat next to me on the bed. He smelt amazing

Naills POV

I couldn't get over how beautiful she was. She stood up her tall slim figure had me hard already I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me she wrapped her arms around my neck, I kissed her on the lips they were so soft I ran my tongue along her lips asking for entrances she granted it slowly slipping her tongue in my mouth her hand was tugging at the bottom of my shirt I pushed her back laying her on the bed beneath me pulling my shirt off and then hers. She reached down slipping her hand In my pants making me moan slightly, I took her bra off pulling her closer to me feeling my her skin against mine. She pulled my pants down letting my hard on flop out.

Emily's POV

He was making quick work of getting my shorts off I reached down again grabbing his dick In my hand he rolled over so I was on top and moved myself done so I could give him head I could his moans getting loader with ever time I sucked I felt him twitch and thence up before he came. He rolled me over gently and got up and pulled a small silver packet out of bedside table he ripped it open and rolled it over his dick before coming back to laying over me. I was rubbing it over my clit making me so wet and horney he kept teasing me for a few minutes before finally he pushed in.

Nails POV

I pushed in and her back arched against me with every thrust she arched even more pushing her warm thin body against me her moans were getting louder. Hang on I'm about to cum I say I give her one last thrust and she cums and the same time as me. I roll off her and lay beside her wrapping her In my arms and listening to her soft breathing as we drift off to sleep together.

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