Just Poetry

Just some poems :)


12. Why I love music

People ask me all the time why Im so obsessed with music. So this is to all those people, even though they will probably never read it. 

Thanks guys :) 


Sometimes people ask why I love music

And the answer is that simple.

I love the freedom it gives me 

In an otherwise confined world.

I love the happiness it gives others,

Because if I can't be happy at least they can.

I love the feeling of accomplishing something so beautiful,

Or writing a piece or your own.

I love the sound of jazz,

So sassy and unique.

I love the saxophone

Because it has the attitude I could never show.

How it can sound so beautiful 

and also sound like a duck or a fog horn. 

I love the feeling of performing

In front of people clapping for you,

Cheering you on.

The feeling of finally being accepted

By every one listening.

When people smile in awe

And say 'wow isn't she good'

It is one of the best feelings

Like an incredible high.

Where as long as you keep playing

It will never go away.

They are all the reasons I love music

Maybe I missed some

Maybe Im still going to find more

But right now, I don't care about anything else.


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