Just Poetry

Just some poems :)


11. Sadness


Sadness is like a disease

Something that causes great unease.

Its something that doesn't go on its own

Like its stuck to your bone.


 It slowly consumes you

Something you can never cut through.

Its hard to stop the sadness

So it slowly turns into madness.


 Leaving you lost

And having to pay the cost.

You'll never see it coming

But when you do, its unbecoming.


I hope you never see it

And I hope your not unfit.

Because you'll want to run

From what it does to your loved one.


It changes them from the inside

All the way to the outside.

So stop it before it comes

Stop it before they succumb.


Bullying affects people in different ways

The aftermath can stay dormant for days.

Because people that instil sadness

Will never feel gladness.


So stay strong my friend

Because in the end

You'll be the one saying

'Why are you sitting there praying?'



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