Just Poetry

Just some poems :)


13. Rainbows

Finally a kinda happy one! :) Hope you like it guys!! 



I see you stretch across the sky

But I know its just a trick of the eye

The water in the air reflecting off the light

Shining so bright


The few colours you possess

Make people smile and awe nonetheless 

Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end

Wherever you descend


If you have hope, maybe you can get there

But hope can be something very rare

And so hard to find

But all you need is peace of mind.


When you find your rainbow

Don't chase it off like a wild doe

Climb it all the way to the top

And then off you hop


Sliding down to your own pot of gold

And now the possibilities are untold

Live your life free

And don't worry about the fee 




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