fractured ↠ l.h (au)

Rape only happens to girls.


2. 01

Tears started to fill my eyes as the familiar sound of a zip being secured filled the eerily silent classroom.

“C-can I g-g-go now?” I stuttered, taking a few steps backwards, wanting to create as much space between the two of us.

“Soon” Mr Johnson started, taking two long strides toward me. A large pang of fear hit me as he placed his two large hands on my shaking shoulders. “Now this is our little secret Luke, no one can know. Ok?” He firmly said with his eyes locked on mine.

“Ok” I replied in a faint whisper, eyeing his grip on my shoulders.

“Now you better run along, class starts soon.” His ‘teacher’ voice surfaced, along with the smile he wore daily.

I did as he instructed and ran into the school yard. But instead of finding my so called ‘friends’ I made a direct v-line to the boys toilets.

Needing to get ‘his’ scent and touch off my body I frantically turned the faucet on, causing a rush of cool water to cascade over my trembling hands. Squeezing a handful of scentless soap onto the palm of my left hand I started to vigorously scrub my arms and legs, desperately wanting to release myself from the feeling of filth that covered my entire body.

Once I was ‘clean’ enough I grabbed a handful of paper towels and started to dry my damp limps.

The whimsical sound of laughter echoed towards my direction. Quickly finding a vacant cubicle I silently placed the lid on top of the seat. Hugging my knees to my chest I let silent tears fall from my eyes.


‘Why me? What did I do to deserve this? I was always so nice to him, why did he have to do this to me?’



The bell rung, signalling the start of class but I stayed firmly planted on the lid of the toilet seat. I did not want to enter that class room ever again. But Mr Johnson will know that I am missing and come looking for me. The thought of his large hands touching my body again caused several shivers to slither their way up my spine, mimicking the moments I had experienced not so long ago.


A shiver creeped up my spine as the first of many memories flooded my mind.

“Mr Hemmings? Will you please answer my question?” My lawyer insisted with frustration clear in his voice.

“Could you please repeated the question?” I quietly muttered.

“What happened to cause the accused to enter the vicinity of you home?” I nervously answered the question while looking at my mother.



“You must be Luke’s mother! Pleasure to meet you!” Mr Johnson warmly greeted my mother with a smile before offering her a seat, directly opposite his.

“So how is Luke doing in school? Well I hope.” My mother joked as the start of the annual parent teacher meetings began.

“He is doing a wonderfully in my class, one of my best students in fact!” My whole body tensed as a hand started sliding its way up my thigh. How could he be so confident in touching me in public? I thought he said this was supposed to be a secret….


Their conversation took a sharp turn away from my schooling to my parent’s personal life.


“Well my husband and I have been planning on going on vacation for some time but we always feel bad leaving Luke with a stranger.” My mother states. It’s true, my parents could not bear to leave me with a mere stranger, even if it was only for a day.

“You shouldn’t feel bad, many parents feel guilty for leaving their darling children when they are lapping up the luxuries associated with vacations.” His hand started moving again, causing my heartbeat to race.

If I tell mum will she believe me? Probably not since Mr Johnson is seducing him with his charm.

“Here’s an idea! What if I look after Luke while you two are on vacation? That is, if you don’t mind”

What? NO!

Before I could interject mum had already started speaking “Oh that would be lovely David! Are you sure he wouldn’t be too much to handle?”

“It would be my pleasure”

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