My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.


1. When I Noticed

I think this is the end of my... happy time. I mean, I just noticed that I have a crush. This is the first day. Marked at my calendar. I think I just can't tell anyone. Everyone loves a little bit of gossip. Sigh. It started today, and... I noticed it with a very painful way.

It's school, 19 March 2014. There is no period left. Maybe you asked why I don't go home yet. Well, I can't drive  a car or a motorcycle. Tee-hee! My friends are gossiping about the latest gossip and I just following. They sat in front of me. Then, the conversation became interesting. You know how is girls with hot guys, right? Well, the same happened at four of us, me and my friends. Oh, one thing, the one gossiping is me, my friend, and another friend outside the four of us. Well, we start talking about our playful crush and who crushes on us. Then, the conversation became a grenade. The four of us, call us AC (yeah, laugh at it. but we're not air conditioner), adore this one guy. Just call him... IHY. I think I'm the one who over adore this guy out of the four of us. I think you know where this will heading. We start talking about people that asked us out. Well, all of my friend's and my story is a bit old, we tell each other about it. Okay, call my friend A. Here is the dialogue...


B  : I want to tell you something. (whispered)

A  : Yeah? (fake excite)
Me: ... (listening)

B  : IHY asked me out.

Me: (moment of shock where you can't move and scared someone would notice how strange you're acting)
A  : (mouth hanging open)
Me: Really?! Oh my gosh, when?! (fake excited squeal, fake excited expression. trying to mimic an excited girl when got a juicy gossip) Please, please. Say a few years ago.(in my heart)

B  : Two weeks ago.

A  : WHAT?! (screech that could kill a cat)

Me: (that moment where you could only pray you're still alive)

A  : WHAT DO YOU SAY?! (scream-whispered)

Me: Please say no. Please say no. Please say no... (praying while quieting out. the feeling like your world is ending)

B  : Nope.

Me: (mouth hanging open in shock and relieve. not knowing what to do the next)
A(or Me. I forget) : Who else knows?
B  : You all, my gang, and some other. And the entire class of him. (matter of fact talking)
(A/N: This really happen to me. BTW, in my school, the class is divided into two section, A and B. Me, A, B, B's gang, and my other friends is A section. IHY is B section)

B  : The entire class of B is big mouthed. The gossip spread fast. (talking like it's really disgusting)
Me: (some sort of relieve. but then realize HE likes someone else. sink slowly to the floor)

That's it. I have to pretend AS IF she's talking that someone else is asking her out, while inside I am heart broken. And that is the time I realize it. Well, I only tell my stuffed animal Kiruru, my iPod Touch, my PC,  my cat Liger, my room's wall (pathetic girl!), my pillow, and some other things. You noticed I doesn't mention ANY PEOPLE, right? Well, I don't want anyone else to know.

By the way, it's night and I have to prepare myself for the next living grenade. And to enter the Hell.





(Note: IHY is I Hate You)

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