My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.



First period~


Second period~


Just say I'm skipping it to lunch time!

So... I haven't had my breakfast since I'm too late for breakfast. And I buy a burger. I ate with my friend U and starting conversation. Then... (this is interesting and happened. Promise!)


IHY : (calling out Q's name)

Me : (frozen mid-bite and staring at my lunch)

Q : (walking from outside the class into the class with an annoyed look at her punch-me-please face)

IHY : (appeared from outside the class, sort of peeking his head inside while talking nonsense to Q)

Q : (ignoring it)

Me : (staring at my burger and almost making a flat burger while trying not to punch someone)

IHY : (looking into my direction)

Me : (burger is so much more important than you, idiot)

IHY : (stop talking nonsense)


Ta-da! So much to me, you know?! Like, right at your face, your crush trying to win another girl's heart! J.E.R.K.

Okay, sorry for that. But I really mean punch-me-please face. I really want to punch her face. Badly.

After I finished, I walking to the next period. I walking last his class, and the trash can is outside of his class. I try yo hide my anger with sadness. What I don't realize, is I just almost knock the trash can to the floor. And all eyes at IHY's class is looking at me. I just walked past them.

And then I realize I'm sooooo mad. At him. At Q. Pretty much mad. And my favorite sentence is, what so ever.

That is, a day



(I need advice!!!! I can't keep it inside so I take it out in this movella, and I think I need some advice. Please give me advices! Thank you, and keep reading, my friends! Love you all~ xx)

A/N : OMG I'm sorry if I update this too late! My Wi-fi is disconnected, and I can't update for a while! Dying to see a comment appeared! Maybe another like or favorite too! :) love ya!

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