My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.


11. The Change by Evanescence

Today is an awful day. Let's start from the beginning where I got to school.


Me : Hey!

U : Finally you came!

Me : I decided to... (smiling weakly) swim.

U : (cheer up) yay!!! (Ugh. Don't bitching with me!)


At first I say I'm not gonna swim. But my mother forces me to. And I'm curious because the place of water park isn't detailed. I thought its a new place because no one in my house know what place it is. In curious. And curiosity killed the cat.


(The bus get to the inside of the parking lot)

Me : (if I know this is the place I won't say I swim. This place is boring.)


The hell. This is 13. Bad luck!!!!!!!!!!!


U : Let's swim! (Like a child getting candy)

Me : Uh.... (Unsure)

A : (the almost true bitching queen ever) I want to but...

Y : I don't want to. (Go away)

A : Me too. (Go away)

U : Come on. (Pointing to the bathroom)

Me : Uhh.. I don't want to. (Follow the 'leader' (sarcasm!))


Yeah. Figured it out? If you (some of my friends) read this, you'll know the place's name on the notification is : "Gabusan". Okay. That's too many hint. And you know who is Q. It's her initial. A is an initial too. And me? Know AngeLiger on LINE? It's me. It's me. It's me.

I don't even know. We went to sit while A is bitching around about her behavior. Mine is still like, 'I don't want to swim!!!' but she didn't take a hint! What the hell. Then she went away and when I see her she's crying and I was like, 'your fault'. Call me bitch. But you won't if you were me. ME.

Years ago when AC is just the beginning I make a song with my friend S. But A just say it's just me that write it. That time S and me is like bestie. She gets sad and I went to comfort her. The only one who cares about her is me in AC. What's wrong? She's not complete enemy! She's nice! Then, she got neglected by all the AC completely except me but she quit. I'm sad. So sad. She even let me read her diary about AC. About how she didn't get a part in AC. About how we neglected her.

Then, I got neglected too. There is this new transferring guy from a school to our school. And then I got neglected while the whole AC and B's gang got into the secret. I got mad. My diary is the silent listener to my cry. I thinking about leaving AC and went join S's little warmth group. But I don't. Just for the bitches.

Then, A order me to make the Japanese version of the song. I was like, 'Hey, you neglect me but expecting something from me? You're idiot' and don't make it. About don't make the Japanese version, it's a story.

The whole AC is a traditional dancer except me. They went into a practice for performance to some school occasion and make me join them to practice modern dance later. They lie. Well, so far back when I'm just a naive little girl I tell U that I like him. Call him rat. U tell the whole class. I become teased everyday and it tortures me. And that's the time I met S and we became bestirs though she teased me.

There is rat at the place U Y and A is practicing. They just teased me about there is him. I got sad and mad and disappointed and I run back to my car. My parents ask me what's wrong and why I'm crying. I won't told. Then we just got silent in the car while I'm crying. That's it. You all made me cry bitches. So faq off.

After that, I vow that I will never made the Japanese version. What the hell that bitch want. She won't get it.

Wait. I got carried away from this day and ranting about past.

So, I went sulking until I was saved by Q. Gasp gasp. Then, we take a walk. After that, Y joined us. At first, it's awkward. But really, Q and Y is the saver of the day. I go happy. And we are joking around and other.

Sigh. I really am so mad at A and U so I went searching Evanescence's song again. I tries this and that, but nothing really fit my situation. But then I stumbled upon The Change by Evanescence. I read the lyrics and it fits me. Search the lyric.

You've been dreaming

If you're thinking

That I still belong to you

And I've been dying

Cause I'm lying to myself

Aaaa aaaa aaaa (2x)

Say it's over

Yes it's over

But I need you anyway

Say you love me but it's not enough....

That's it. 'Say it's over' is the other's POV and 'yes it's over' is from mine and the next is other's and then mine. Love that song. How can I forgive you? You change.

13th Day,


(It's really happening. In fact, I almost crying the time I write this. I don't know why I could forgive them easily. I don't know. I just... forgive them. But I hate them.

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