My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.


32. Oh, My Keyboard


I'll begin this chapter with a sigh.


I can't believe what happened last night.. let's see what happen!


*knock knock*

"Can I borrow your violin?" It's my brother.

"Yeah. Wait. For what?" My brother gets in my room and I was clueless.

My brother pick up the violin. "Show!"

I give my brother a 'what the hell are you talking about?' while walking along with him.

"Geez, it's only on the backyard!"

"Oh." I followed him outside to the backyard.

For the last year, the backyard is used for.. workplace. My father's business is making paper bags, so.. yeah. They need a lot of space, and that's when the backyard comes in.

I'm pretty sure no one can play violin except me. Not showing off, but I'm the only one who take violin lesson here.

So... some people start trying to play the violin...

"MY EARS!!!" I shrieked. Yeah. That's so bad, I almost snapped at whoever it is that play MY violin.

I snatch back my violin. FYI, my hand is cold. My mother is like, 'come on and play the violin!' and I was like, 'I forgot how to play it!'

But at the end I'm playing it. All people clapped.. well, not all since they're working.

"Again! Again!"

If I could changed my shape, I would be a little dust right now. "No!!"

My mother speaks up. "How about your keyboard?"

My eyes lit up and I was like, 'yeah! Bring it here bring it here!'

Finally, my keyboard arrived.

"Now, play whatever song you want to play!" My mother said.

Then I play Jacob's Theme by Alexandre Desplat. It's the most easy piece I know. Oh, and FYI, I never take keyboard or piano lessons. Straight into YouTube, searching for tutorials.

"Jar of Hearts please?" My brother suggested.

And I was like, 'dammit. I forgot how to play it!' in my heart, but I try anyway. The result? Not good. It's BAAADD. Mu hand gets cold again. And that's when the thought enter my mind.

Cold? My mind asked. I face palmed.

Geez, now I can't even talk without stuttering. I always like this if I remember something about the ship. And I looked around, trying to calm my mind.

Wrong move. One person is wearing white hoodie. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT REMIND ME OF. Fortunately I didn't glance there again. But it's more than enough to make my hand colder.

I can't even play the most easy piece without wrong note! Sigh. It's really annoying.

And that's not even funny.

But finally, I get all the notes right and play another song, and that's a night for me.


So.. I think I just write this to get it out of my head. I seriously can't get it out of my head until now.

I think that's all of it and OMG I NEED TO GO NOW



(I still can type my username right lol)

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