My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.


25. Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm feeling a little bit different lately, and you know what? I want to start over again. Begin a new page, a new life.

So let's start.

Hi, my name is Angelina, you could call me Elle. My favorite color is grey because it represent the calmness for me, and gold because I love it.

I love cat, though now I have an allergy to cats, if I play with them for too long, I'll sneeze over and over again.

On August, I'll go to a boarding school, and my friends start their normal school today at 12th July.

I love admiring myself in a mirror, though I'm scared of mirror when it's on a dark place.

I have no good neighbor around myself, all of them is just a FAKE FRIENDS. And I HATE FAKE FRIENDS.

I'm afraid of falling in love and swimming, because I can't swim and I'm afraid of swimming... okay.

I love being around my friends and BEING TAKE CARE OF, and I would love to check my eyes because I AM SURE I SUFFER FROM MYOPIA (sorry if I don't spell it right).

I love music, and I can play violin and keyboard. I think I'll take piano lessons when I'm out of the boarding school, because THE BOARDING SCHOOL HAS NO MYSIC LESSONS AT ALL.

No one can take me away from my novels, except the boarding school. Sigh.

I promise to take some books for MY FAN FICTIONS to the boarding school and write if I have a free hour.

NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY MY SMALL MIRROR, because it's the only reminder of my friends.

NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY THE DRAWING FROM MY BOOK, because my friend draw it.

NO ONE CAN UNINSTALL LINE FROM MY iPod, because it's the only way I could communicate with my friends.

Well, the boarding school DO NOT ALLOW ANY DEVICES IN THE SCHOOL. That suck.

NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM WRITING OR SINGING. Fortunately, there is some journaling club on the boarding school.

I LOVE BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER. Fortunately there is a lesson for that in the boarding school!

I believe that our mind is strong, because I have proven it myself. One day, I play Cookie Run and go hatch some eggs for pets, and I want Cozy Yarn. So I imagine the egg hatch into Cozy Yarn. And it does!

I think that it's better to tell a stranger about your life. Of course if you're anonymous and they're anonymous and you're sure they won't leak any secret to any person you knew. Okay, that's long.

I think that's it, and thank you for reading all along to the end! If there's any misspelled words, or if my grammar is really bad, I apologize. My native language isn't English.

Oh, and I want to go to Europe.

Have a nice day,

Elle xxx

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