My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.


7. Extreme Day. Not Boring At All!

My days just got started. A very, very bad start. Well, I'm starting off the drive with hearing a song I completely hate. Of course I can't say it out loud or I have to say why I hate the song. Then, at the first period. Best period ever (the sarcasm is there).

It's English and we're sort of free to buzz in the class. So the conversation and gossips started. Then, my friend A passed her written by hand fan fiction (not a 1D. She's not into that type.) to me and U. We reading it together, until we're interrupted. Well, we never say a thing about the fan fiction we write, even to our family. We kept it as our secret, but after a few weeks, we get noticed. People start to get curious at what are we reading, why we giggles at it (yeah, you're right) and why we never open up to anyone about it. Maybe they thought it is a juicy secret. Or a love note. Ew.

So, this certain trouble-maker boy snatch the paper from my hand. The first thing I do is scream. My friends snatched it back and glaring at him while he just smiling like a - you damned to hell - idiot. Then I noticed everyone is staring at us. The teacher start asked what is that, and the reply come off the boy's mouth is really bad, "A newspaper." Really?! So, my teacher thought it is A that screaming. So, she is questioned and she just doesn't answer. Then, all of us get teased. Whatever.

Skip to the cheerful part.

It's lunch time. I was done eating, and we passed B section. The door is open. Well, I try to peek in but get nothing.

Wait. I supposed to say it's the last period time! XD

So, at the last period we're allowed to get out to do some research for History class. I passed his class. And, it's music now. So I just passed, but with a quick peek in the class, which don't do any good at me. Then, my friend A squealing.

"What?" I asked while looking around.

"Do you see it? Who's singing?"

"Nope." I don't know where this is directing, maybe her crush.

"It's HIM!" And I realize she's talking about IHY.

Then I squealing at he ears. "Oh, sorry." I apologize when I realize it.

Oh my gosh, I could hear him.

That's it. Then, it's A's group's turn to clean up the class. So me, U, and C is waiting at her outside. Then I see IHY outside of his class. His turn to clean up the class? I think so. I just too busy to check him out (secretly, of course!) and then what I know is I'm basically dragged down the stairs. Then, down there, I see him again.

I'm thinking different way of how he could be down when we're down. I mean, he completed his turn MINUTES ago! Maybe to was me, my screwed up part said. Gah. How could?

Then a realization hit me. At an occasion, we're going to a sort of show. My friend (call her Q) is going in front to helping with something. Then, she could break a pencil with her pinkie. Well, not long after that, (the occasion start after I realize my crush) someone said to someone that IHY is taking photos of Q secretly. Then, that someone tell someone else, and the gossip traveled to U. And then, U told me the gossip. I almost teared apart.

All of it flashed in my mind when I try to reasoning with myself. He could be just following Q around. GAH.


So, do you know a food called mochi? No? Well, it's like... I don't know. I just happen to like it. I'm planning on making the mochi with my aunt (7 years apart) and my mom (who like to cook) so I don't confused. We get all ingredient except white butter. So, we just pour the other ingredients down and start trying to cook. It started good. The mochi smells good, and the inside of the mochi, which is crushed koko crunch and peanut jam. I almost clean up the bowl with peanut. I just LOVE peanut!

Then, we bake it. I sat on the chair while singing at the song on my iPod and... reading movellas. Tee-hee! Then, we have to pick it up and stir it. I try a little piece. It's perfect! I love it immediately. We just wait it to baked for another 15 minutes, let it cool down, and then start the fun part!

Mochies are here! Mochi is a round, cute, small, snow-like food. That's why I love it!!!

I start to pick up the first piece of mochi. And it's sticky. That's where the problem started. We all got sticky! And I'm the one who figured how to make our hand wasn't sticky. So, my aunt and mom picked up a piece of dough and start to flattening it. While I pick up a piece of dough then start to make it round, flattening it, then fill it with peanut and koko crunch! So, we makes yummy mochies!

But yeah, it's sticky. I wash my hand around ten minutes and my back is hurting.

I definitely had fun!


(Wow, a long day! This is really happened, okay?!)

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