My D.I.Y Diary

As you can see, this is my diary. Well, basically I just write out things that my friends and family can't know here. And it wasn't pretty good.. but there is some REALLY great stuff I write here.

I think that's it, and if you want to read this, please read! Favorite or like or comment on this movella, please. You will make this one girl happy.



Yeah, I know maybe I said it a million times but I still keep thinking about how life make it 'fair' for us. I noticed I start to 'notice' my crush on IHY after my friend's having crush on someone else. God know why I kept thinking about something like that. Maybe so I could understand the feeling? Whatever. Well, now I think I'm the typical girl that have crush on somebody. I don't know how to react with my crush. Every time I got near him, it's impossible to not fidgeting with my nail or looking down. If I don't do either one of that, I will buys checking him out. And... I don't want to look like a quiet weirdo stalking him. Yikes.

I'm too afraid to tell my friends. I think this whole 'betray me once and I'll never trust you' is really getting into me (don't ask why or how). I don't think I would ever trust them anymore again. So.... I just keep quiet while trying to hide it. Well, it's hard to see girl flirting with him and vice versa, but what I can do?! I'm just a.... quiet-not-so-nerdy-or-popular-girl EVER! Okay, this is really getting into me.

It's just so.... UGH. I. Hate. You. But I read somewhere that love and hate is a similar thing. And I admit that it's right. For me, if I had a crush, I would walk away from them and avoiding them completely because I am afraid if they noticed my strange act. And if I hate them, I would avoiding them completely because I don't want to see their faces. That ugly faces. Look. Similarity at 'AVOIDING THEM COMPLETELY'. Remember this works on me. I don't know if this would work on you, okay?

Oh. Right. I forget to mention school, the most horrible place for me. I'm not so in the class, as I'm at the dreamland trying to figure out scenario where IHY and I could meet or bump accidentally. Of course it will never happen. So, I try this one. IF his father's job is to selling houses, then pretty much his father could meet up with my father (which is a house seller too) and co operating. What a dream. I try different scenario of me telling my friends about it or how I would act if it really happen. My best chance is to hide in my bedroom forever.

Sigh. What a dream. And what a day at school. With no luck at all.

So, this is it. 20th March 2014. The most hard part at life. Even movies and books can't distract me from him. I hate you.

Just remember. 3 words. 8 letters.


BTW 3 words and 8 letters could be I hate you or.... u know.

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