I Love Him

A story about a girl that is head-over-heals in love with Harry Styles, and finally gets the opportunity to be his girlfriend. But then she realizes that maybe Harry wasn't the nicest guy after all...


2. The Day He Noticed Me


It was any normal day in Sycamore High School, and I was just walking down the hall. I'd recently gotten a cute blue jean skirt, with a pastel pinkish-orange lace top tucked neatly inside. I was wearing grey converse and long socks, and to be quite honest I think I looked good!

Well, I must've been right about that, because soon Harry Styles's eyes were gazing into my blue ones. I was stunned. Harry had gone to my school for a while now, along with the rest of the boys, but I'd never expected to make eye contact with any of them. Especially Harry.

Yet, there I was, staring into his icy blue eyes. They were beautiful. Flecked with green dots, and in the center he had jet-black pupils.

A smirk crossed Harry's face and I walked towards him dreamily. I nearly tripped over my own feet, but luckily I caught myself and just stumbled towards him, my arms flying out to catch my balance.

He caught me when I tripped up a second time. I couldn't breathe. I, the smartest and nerdiest kid in our school, was in the arms of the Harry Styles.

"Hey love," Harry said as he caught me.

"H-Hey Harry... Sorry to bother you," I mumbled after realizing all eyes were on us.

"You're not botherin' me love. Maybe I'll see you at the bidding?"

I gasped. I'd almost forgotten about that!

The bidding is where our school auctions off teenage girls to the highest male bidder. It's wrong, I know, but I can't help it. It's not my choice. And us girls have to work at the boy's apartment, house, or wherever they live, and do whatever the guys ask. That way they're willing to pay another year, or something.


I guessed I'd spaced out thinking about it. Harry was looking at me funny, and I blushed again.

"Sorry, I'm alright. See you at the bidding!"

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