I Love Him

A story about a girl that is head-over-heals in love with Harry Styles, and finally gets the opportunity to be his girlfriend. But then she realizes that maybe Harry wasn't the nicest guy after all...


1. My Fantasy...

I have always dreamt of being Harry Style's girlfriend. And no, I'm not expecting to ever date him, not at all. I realize that this is all in my head, all the sloppy make-outs, love letters, little whispers.... Oh, was I rambling again? So sorry! Anyway, my name is Skylar. I'm 16, and I'm gonna get my driver's license soon. I want a Crosstour for my next birthday.

But now it's not my birthday, I don't have a Crosstour, and my birthday isn't for 4 months. Right now I am stuck at Sycamore High in a quiet town in Brittain, and I'm that loser that gets straight A's all the time that nobody talks to unless they're trying to cheat. So yeah, my life in a nutshell.

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