Survivng the zombie apoclyps(pewdiepie love story)

Morgan needs a better life. She has a terrible job, terrible home and terrible love life.
She soon meets a guy and they start going out. Morgan feels as if she I complete. Until the zombies come and she must survive.


1. chapter one

Hey guys this is it!!

-Morgans POV-

Ok let me just put it out there. My life sucks. There I said it. Why you ask? Well for starters I work at Apple Bees the shittist place on the planet. I lived in a apartment with a old lady who lived next door, and she always yelled at her cats at 2am in the morning.

I also cant keep a steady relationship. That's right I'm 23 and I can't keep a boyfriend. My first boyfriend went out with me for 3 hours then that little prissy girl Johanna gave him her cookie and they clicked. He cheated on me with that... Slut!

I was waiting for my next customer when finally someone sat down with a little girl. I ran over to them.

"Hello welcome to apple bees my name is Morgan can I get you something to drink." I said In one sentence.

"Yes I want a diet Coke and can you get my little baby princess angel..."

"Sorry ma'am but I got other tables" I lied.

She scoffed. "Fine a apple juice. But make it quick we are going to a broadway play."

Why don't you take the broad way play and hove it up your-

"Oh can I have that coke with lemon."

"Yea I'll give you a lemon." I said walking away.

"Sullivan to my office." I heard my boss call.

I rolled my eyes as everyone "ohhed". I walked over to the office to notice that the lady and her daughter left.

"Yea what's up boss?" I asked sitting down.

"That's the 4th customer this week." He complained.

I rolled my eyes.

"There it is disrespect. That's what's the customers leave."

"I'm a amazing employee." I defended myself.

"What ever Morgan were gonna have to let you go."

I jumped up. "What why?"

"Because all your doing Is making us look bad and your driving away costumers."

I got up and took off my apron and placed it on the table.

He looked down at his paper and continued to write.

"You will receive your last pay check on the 17."

I got up and went to storm out.

"You know what Mr.assface. It's not me who's driving away customers it's your shitty fries." I said and slammed the door running out of there.

That's it I'm done. It's time to start a new life.


Hey guys how do you like it.

If you wanna be in it just give me your name and what you look like and other crap like that and I'll create a character.

Thanks for reading. ❤️


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