My brothers friends

I live with my brother my names Amber caniff and my brothers taylor. Ya he's kinda famous. But I can't care less. But his friends love me as best friends. We all go to school together so were together a lot. I like nash and Matt but do any if them like me. What will happen.


2. ch three

"SHIT!" I whined. "Paranormal activity taylor really." "Ya why not were all fine with it." I took my seat between nash and Matt my usual spot. We were only about twenty minutes and I was hiding under the blanket the three of us were sharing. "Hey you ok?" Matt whispered. "No" I whispered back. He then hugged me and I leaned on him. I was still a baby. About a hour later it ended. "That was amasing!" Yelled taylor. "Awwwww you to are together!" Yelled mohagany. "What no I was scared." I said cooly and he shook his head in reply. "Mmmhhm." She said not believing us. Geez this girl is tough.

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