My brothers friends

I live with my brother my names Amber caniff and my brothers taylor. Ya he's kinda famous. But I can't care less. But his friends love me as best friends. We all go to school together so were together a lot. I like nash and Matt but do any if them like me. What will happen.


1. ch one

Ambers pov

"Amber my friends are coming over !" He yelled I was finishing curling my brown hair. "Ok be right down." Let's face it there all funny but this ment mohagany was coming over we always hangout.

Let's just say taylor he's well protective with me and his friends.

Knock knock knock

"I got it Tay" that's what I call him it's easier.

"Ok" he walked down to the basement with tons of snacks and a red box movie. Yay!

"Hey guys he's in the basement." I said to the guys.

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