The first day the day it all changed

We'll it's about a girl named lily and we'll find out in the story


1. our life

Lily's POV:

It's been 3 years since me and Harry have been dating we'll I loved him with all my heart he loved me to were not engaged but I'm planning for him to ask me soon harry he was sweet and kind and we'll I'm writing this because e is on your I need his body next to mine I hear a loud knock on the door it was Victoria my best friend he y gurl what's up nothing much we'll I got to get going see you later Victoria just came to say hi I really missed harry like he is the closest thing to me I could tel him anything well not this Harry is amazing and we'll I don't want to let him go

Harry's POV: I love lily she is my soul mate and I'm going home tonite and I'm going to propose lily is like the woman of my dreams she is a gurl worth keeping she gets me and we'll she really loves me and I love her even more I do what will happen or what she will say but I'm scared I don't want to lose lily

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