The Day My Life Started To Turn Around

Emilyah (pronounced Emily-ahh) is a 17 year old girl who lives in Cali. Her life basically sucks until 5 boys turn it around. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will her happiness last? Will someone come into her life and try to ruin everything? Will she ever become famous?


3. The Awakening

Niall's POV:

We all helped carry Emilyah backstage into our dressing room which had a couch for her to lay on, and we could keep an eye on her while we get ready.

It was easy to carry her because she's so small. She's very thin, about 5'6", and she was wearing her black company polo with jean short shorts and black converse high tops.

She had long brown hair with what looked like natural blonde highlights. Her hair flowed to her lower back and it was stick straight. She had high cheekbones and her eyes were as blue as the ocean, well I'm pretty sure because i only got a quick glimpse of them before they shut.

She looked like a model and not to mention she could sing.... GOOD! She was so cute when she was sleeping. Reality came back to me as I realized that this beauty i had been staring at wasn't sleeping. She was laying unconscious and that's when I started to panic.

"GUYS WE HAVE TO HELP HER!" I yelled while I was panicking. Liam grabbed my shoulder to calm me down saying, "It's just a bump on the head. She'll be fine." I understood what he was saying and it calmed me down a lot.

I sat there for the next 10 minutes just sitting next to her, watching her and stroking her hair. I must have zoned out because I was snapped back to reality by her soft moans which means that she was waking up! I said to the boys, "guys shes coming to!"

She fluttered her eyes and looked at all of us, who were now gathered around her, with a confused look on her face and said quietly. "Where am I?" So Liam told her what had happened and told her not to worry because she was in good hands.

She looked really embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry i tortured you guys with my singing and dancing." In her cute little voice and then giggled the most adorable giggle I have ever heard. "Well," said Louis "since we have been so worried about....her...., we never did our vocal warm-ups...."

Emilyah's POV:

"Hey I have a name you know!" I said jokingly sounding hurt. "Well I would have asked you for your name except for the fact that gym oh freaked out when you saw us and hit your head!" Louis said sticking his tongue out.

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