The Day My Life Started To Turn Around

Emilyah (pronounced Emily-ahh) is a 17 year old girl who lives in Cali. Her life basically sucks until 5 boys turn it around. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will her happiness last? Will someone come into her life and try to ruin everything? Will she ever become famous?


1. Background

Emilyah's POV:

I have hated my life for the past 17 years. I am an only child and my father is a drunken asshole all the time, thank god my mom divorces his ass. I love my mom though, she's so caring and soon after the divorce was final she married my stepdad, Steve. I call him dad though because he has been more of a dad to me then my real dad, Dave, has been.

I don't call Dave "dad" though because he is not my father. He may be my biological father but he is not emotionally. Dave used to beat me, and my mom never knew, until one day when I was 8 i set up a video camera in the corner of the room, hidden of course, and videotaped him beating me and later showed it to my mom when he went back to the bar and she immediately filed for divorce and got full custody of me.

Although my life at home is great, school isn't. I constantly get bullied and jumped at school and around town. I get bullied online as well. I cut constantly but never have scars. Once the cuts heal i put scar remover cream on them so my mom wont see them.

I am so ashamed of myself. My looks how skinny I am, my personality, just everything. I tried to kill myself many times but only ended up in the hospital which everyone mad fun of me for. People would come up to me and say "if you ever need help killing yourself, let me know because I will make sure that you end up dead." And they would laugh and walk away. Why are people so mean?

I came into high school as a freshman with 5 other girls who all committed suicide, and now that I'm a junior, I'm all alone. Hannah, Courtney, and Lacey all killed themselves freshmen year because of the bullying, and Savannah and Melanie (Mel) killed themselves last year for the same reason. Their moms always check up on me because they always considered me a daughter so they want me to live.

But now I have gotten into playing guitar and piano and singing but nobody besides my mom and Steve have heard me sing and play and they think that I am amazing hit i i think I'm average.

My job isn't too bad though. I get to travel to different concert stadiums and clean them before and after shows, it's an easy job for $15 an hour. We go all over Cali because a lot of concerts are held there, especially One Direction.

I love the boys and i wanna meet them sooo bad but i know I'm just another girl in the crowd. We clean before and after concerts to make sure it's clean but I just sweep through the aisles of chairs. I never have to talk to anyone there because we all have our own personal lists of what we need to do so we all do our own things. I usually just put my headphones in and listen/sing to my music which is basically all One Direction with a couple Little Mix songs. I always sing and dance to keep myself entertained along with my co-workers who just laugh at my weirdness.

Hey guys! My name is Emily and this is my first story on here so I hope you don't hate it too much, haha. But my friends and family think I'm a good writer in general so this won't be an epic failure. :) I hope you all enjoy all the drama and romance in this. :D

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