I feel as if I'm being watched. I shake off the feeling as I walk in the dark, down the wet empty street. I hear heavy footsteps behind me. I look to the side and from the corner of my eye I see a dark figure. I swish around quickly my breathing increasing by the second. I make a puzzled face, t-there's no one... I turn back around and bump into someone.
"Excuse you," I say a bit rudely. I look at the person's face and looked down. Wait they didn't have a face. I look up again and see the person smile warmly.
"I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going," he says then walks away. When he passes by I become cold, there's a sudden stinging to my hands. I look down at them and my fingertips are turning blue and my veins purple. I look back and he's already gone...I look back down at my hands and they're back to their normal color.
His face...He didn't have a face for a few seconds and then he did. It must just be the dark playing with my mind.


1. Chapter 1

  Jessie's POV


 I open my eyes and slam my fist hard onto my alarm clock. 

 "Why do I even have an alarm, I don't need it anymore," I say to myself in a groggy voice. 

 I grab my forehead realizing I have to clean up the big mess my friends and I made yesterday from our graduation party. Finally done with stupid high school. I don't plan on going to college, it's not that I can't handle another four years of school I just rather get a job and fend for myself. I have for the past eighteen years. My parents were never there, I literally grew up on the street. No one bothered to help me until one day, Mary, my formal foster parent who took me in at the age of ten. But she's not what she sounds like. Sure she instead of leaving me in an orphanage she decided to be a foster parent. But she treated me like crap. She treated me no differently from when I was on the streets. I not only had to take care of my self, I had to take care of her seven year old son Jake. He was nice and all, quite the gentle man considering who he was being raised by. I just thought it was pretty wrong how his own mother didn't care about him, I was like his mom. I miss the kid but once I was old enough I moved out. So maybe I wasn't old enough but I my age didn't even stop Mary from not letting me leave. Jake was the one who didn't want me to leave. I explained to him how I had to leave, I said good bye and never looked back. 

 To this day four years later, I haven't heard word form none of them, I think that's for the best.

 Ugh, well I better start cleaning up. 

 I get up off my bed and feel a bit light headed. I stood still for a while then felt better. 

 I don't bother to change from my sleeping clothes, I'm just going to clean my apartment nothing special. 

 I start cleaning my small living room and kitchen. 

 I put all plastic cups and plates into a black plastic bag. I come across a few pizza crust and feel a but grossed out only because touching the wrong side of the slice would mean me touching someone's saliva ew. 

 I finish cleaning and sweeping the floor. 

 Once I feel like I've picked up all the trash I jog to my room and slip on some sandals then jog back into the living room. 

 I gather all the plastic bags and start making my way out to dump all the trash away. 

 As I'm going down the steps to throw the trash out one of the bags tears and trash falls out flying everywhere!

 "Aw man c'mon!" I say out loud frustrated. 

 I quickly go dump the trash bags that didn't rip the run back to all the scattered trash on the steps and ground.

 "Damn it, stupid cheap bags," I mumble angrily as I start to pick up the trash with my hands. 

 "Need help?" I hear someone ask.

 "No I've got it," I reply not bothering to look up. As I pick up a plastic cup with my right hand I drop everything I had in my left hand. I sigh annoyed and I hear the person laugh. 

 "You're still here?" I scoff looking up at the person. It was a guy, he looks around my age maybe older. 

 "Well I was sure you'd want help, especially after that," he says pointing to the trash I dropped. I laugh a bit and blow my lips like a horse. 

 "Well I guess I could use some help now," I say looking up at him, he's tall and not just because I'm short. 

 He smiles and knees down starting to help me gather the trash. 

 "I'm Harry by the way," He says introducing himself. His British accent is think and his voice raspy and deep.

 "Jessie," I reply. 

 "Isn't that a boy name?" He asks teasing me.

 "And isn't Harry a name people use to describe an old man's back?" I snap back. 


 I smirk at my witty comeback. He starts to laugh.

 "What's funny?" I ask him confused. We both stand up and start making our way to throw the trash out. 

 "I thought it was funny how you got offended so quickly, actually quite cute," He said. 

 I look a him and he smiles, wow his smile is gorgeous. 

 "Well I wasn't going to let you insult me without me saying something back," I reply truthfully. 

 "Sure," He says in a sarcastic tone. 

 I walk in front of him making him stop. 

 He looks down at me and looks at me confused.

 "Look I don't know who you are-"

 "I'm Harry," He says grinning stupidly. 

 "Don't interrupt me!" I say annoyed at his cockiness and child like play. 

 He pretends to zip his lip and grabs my hand giving me an invisible key. I pull my hand away from his touch and clear my throat. 

 I look over his shoulder not wanting to look into his eyes or his face and say,

 "Thanks for helping me clean up the trash, bye," I plainly say and start to walk up the stairs. 

 "Wait" He yells at from from down the stairs. I hear footsteps behind me and I start to pick up my speed.

 Two arms grab me as I'm about to go back into my apartment. 

 "Harry let go of me NOW," I demand.

 "After you say you'll go get some coffee with me," He replies.

 "No, I don't know you-"

 "That's why you should go get coffee with me, we cant get to know each other," he cuts me off.

 "Please Harry just let go of me so that I can go into my apartment and sleep."

 He releases me from his hold and I open my apartment door.

 "Can I at least have-" I shut the door cutting him off. 

 Boy doesn't even know me and wants to take me out. Sssssheah right.

 I walk to my room and I flop face down onto my bed, now to relax.

 Harry's POV

 "Can I at least have-" She shuts the door in my face cutting me off,"your number..." I mumble finishing my sentence. 

 I sigh and start making my way down the steps. I just moved here and little does she know how much she's going to be seeing of me. I live right under her apartment. Besides I like that she's going to be a challenge. She won't be able to resist going for some coffee, I'm persistent and I know she'll want to get to know each other. 

 She's stunning. Her bright green eyes and her beautiful long black hair. I literally like everything about her, especially because she's going to be a fun challenge. 

  Hey guys so I know this isn't an amazing chapter, but I'm new so give me some time. Comment what you liked, what yo didn't like, what I should improve/change. I would love to hear your guy's opinion on this story. It will get more interesting don't worry be patient please. Like and favorite please thank you !

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