Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds, Magcon


3. Matt and Kate

I fell asleep laying with Carter and when I woke up he was playing with my hair. "Good morning gorgeous" "it's morning?" I asked. "Yeah" he said. At that moment I realized Kate wasn't there at all last night. I asked Carter if he saw Kate. "Yeah she went in the guest room with Matt when we got to the hotel last night. Haven't come out yet." "Ohh" I said I started to get up but Cartee pulled me back down he said "you aren't going anywhere unless I tell you too" he did his heart melting laugh like always and smiled at me.

At around 3 in the after noon he told me I could get up because he wanted food. I asked him if he wanted me to come with him but he said no it's only down stairs. I nodded and when he left I looked guest room. Matt and Kate were snuggling and he had no shirt on.

Later Carter came back with two waffles and said "here slave, eat." "Yes sir" I replied. After I finished my waffle and did my hair and got dressed and brushed my teeth. He called me over to sit next to him. He just stared at me for a minute and started to lean in. In my head I was saying "this is not happening right now. This is carter reynolds. CARTER REYNOLDS oh my fuck" and then his lips touched mine and we started making out. All I could think able was how soft his lips were. Then Kate said "get it!" And my face immediately turned the color of a tomato. Then I said "hmmm so what were you doing last night???" Now her face was red too. "Um I kinda have a boyfriend now..." And I was in shock. After a couple seconds Carter said "so does she" and I looked at him and before I could say anything Nash and Cameron came in and started screaming "PÜMA PÜMA PÜMA!!!!" Jack and Jack came in after them saying get out the girls are in here. I just started laughing and I ran up to them and I hugged them and it was so amazing. Then Carter got jealous and told me to come back.

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