Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds, Magcon


2. Hotel

Magcon ended so Carter asked me to come with them to their hotel. Obviously I went. They made the funniest vines and YouTube video challenges. After an hour Aaron came up to me and told me I was beautiful. I couldn't believe it. I said shakily "oh my god you are so amazing" he just laughed and walked away. I regretted that, I gotta okay cool I thought.

Taylor and Carter were arm wrestling so I was the reff. Taylor beat Carter and so I laughed gave Taylor a high five and Carter and big hug and said "bet you can't beat me." He said "bet. Loser has to be the winners slave, deal?" "Deal"

We sat down pulled down our sleeves and had Taylor count down. "3... 2... 1... Go" Carter is so much stronger than I thought and he beat me in the first 30 seconds. "Your my slave now" he said with a smile. He went over to the couch and layer down, he patted the space next to him and said "slave, cuddle. Now."

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