The Angel and The Archangel

18 year old Jayson never thought a girl like her could find anyone to love. One day she meets a mysterious boy who goes by BlackWolf at school she is instantly intrigued by him. Who is he? More importantly WHAT is he? *Caution: I switch back and forth between 'Zeus' and 'BlackWolf', but they are the same person*


2. Two (BlackWolf)

I checked out of the school, and ran to the surrounding wood. Once I was sure no one was around I shrugged off my jacket, letting my black wings unfurl. I quickly put the jacket in my book bag and sling it over my arms and wings. With a running jump, I end up sailing through the air like an eagle. I shout, "Wooooo hoooo!" as I make a steep dive, barrel roll and then continue flying regularly. I reach my house in a little over three minutes. I hear Mom arguing with my step-dad, "He's 18, for pete's sake, Joe! He can go to a damn public school if he wants too! He doesn't need to compete in your stupid ass "games"! He's my son, NOT YOURS!". 

That's when I see Joe slap Mom across the left side of her face. I've had enough of Joe and his damn drinking! I hurl myself at Joe (wings folded back so their hidden) tackling him, making us both fall to the ground. Joe and I wrestle on the ground, then I feel the first scratch to my face. I can't control my strength, so I end up throwing Joe against a wall.

"Looks like the little brat knows how to fight after all. Control your anger Nicolas Zeus or it will get you in severe trouble." Joe says, wiping blood from his lip. I growl at him, "Never call me by my full name again, or I will show you trouble, ya jerk.". I can hear Mom shouting, "Zeus, put him down please! Please, Zeus! PLEASE!". I drop Joe and stalk off to my room, trying to calm down. 

I lay across my bed and stare at the ceiling, wondering why the hell did Mom and I put up with him? Oh, I know, so my demon/archangel father doesn't find out about me. Chalk one up to my stupid ass pride, I guess. I get up long enough to put my iPhone on the speakers set I have. I hit play on the remote and Jake Owen's "Startin' With Me" begins to blast through the speakers. 

I begin singing, (yeah I sing, so what?), "I had a one night stand with my best friend's baby sister, And to this day he still won't speak to me, I pawned my grandpa's old guitar in college, For a case of beer and a tank of gasoline..." I let the rest of that verse play then I pick back up at, "If I had a dime for half the things I did, That didn't make no sense at all, I'd be living a little higher on the hawg, If only I'd've known that later on down the road, I'd look back and not like what I see, I'd've changed a lot of things startin' with me". 

I let that song play over and over until I hit stop on the remote and end up falling asleep, and I begin dreaming of Jayson.

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