The Angel and The Archangel

18 year old Jayson never thought a girl like her could find anyone to love. One day she meets a mysterious boy who goes by BlackWolf at school she is instantly intrigued by him. Who is he? More importantly WHAT is he? *Caution: I switch back and forth between 'Zeus' and 'BlackWolf', but they are the same person*


3. Three (Jayson)

Once I set foot through that door I heard my step-mom screech, "JAYSON NICOLE, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!", then I hear Dad say, "Jo Anna, she's been at school. She's aloud to go to school.". Jo Anna says, "She's supposed to be here all day, cleaning, cooking and taking care of this house.". I shake my head and walk to the garage, yeah I my room is the garage. I toss my back pack on Dad's old work bench and begin working on the new project.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Megaen. I shout at her, "What the hell do you want? Haven't you f***ed up my day enough already?". Megaen says, "Oh no, I haven't screwed up  your day enough. Now go clean my room.". I stand up from the stool I was sitting on and say, "Hell no, you do it yourself. I'm done doing your shit. I'm outta here.".  I grab my bag and head out of the house.

While walking I listen to my iPod. I don't watch where I'm going, so I end up stumbling upon a rattlesnake's den. The bite and pain are instantaneous. I kill the snake with a swift kick of my boot and a very sharp rock. Next thing I know I'm laying at the bottom of the ravine. I fight for consciousness, knowing I had to stay awake. I'm still fighting for consciousness when I see, well I can't really see who it is.

"You'll be fine, Jayson, I'll get you help.". I feel something sharp go into my arm. I wake up a few hours later in a guy's room. I ask to no one in particular, "Where am I?". I hear someone say, "My house.". I look for whoever said that and I look straight at BlackWolf. I stammer, "I'm a-at yo-yo-your hou-hou-house?"

"Yes we're at my house. It's a good thing that I know a thing or two rattlesnakes and antivenom.". I nod my head and look around BlackWolf's room; There's some country music star posters, a radio and desk with a computer, a dresser and the bed I'm sitting on. I hear someone say, "Zeus, where are you? I need your help with something.". BlackWolf shouts, "Be there in a second, Ma.". 

"I need your help with some things for the par-" she stops when she sees me, than she asks, "I don't mean to be rude, but who the hell is this, Nicolas Zeus?". Zeus says, with a hint of anger, "Mom, this is my friend Jayson, Jayson this is my Mom.". Zeus's Mom looks at me and then says, "That's an odd name for a girl, but I won't judge.". BlackWolf says, "I found her in the woods with a nasty rattlesnake bite, so had to get in our stash of antivenom.". Zeus's Mom nods her head and says, "I understand." then leaves.

I look at the time and then say, "Shit, Jo Anna is probably wondering where I am...Oh God...I can't go back there.". I shudder at the possibility of anything bad. BlackWolf says, "I'll have Mom go and get your stuff. When you left you basically kicked yourself out right? So, you have the right to go and get your stuff, hell I'll help you pack.".

"Thanks, BlackWolf. Your my only friend.". He says, "Same here.". BlackWolf's Mom walks back in the room and says, "When I asked for help, Son, I didn't mean later.". BlackWolf  quickly says, "Ma, Jayson needs help moving her stuff here. Yes I know it'll piss Joe off, but she needs another place to stay. She lives with Jo Anna and her daughter Megaen.".

"You mean the Megaen that hurt you, Zeus? Hell yes Jayson can come live here. But where will she stay?".  BlackWolf says, "My room, I'll take the couch. If Joe gets pissed off about it, let him.". Twenty minutes later I'm sitting in the middle of BlackWolf and his Mom as we're driving back to my "old" house to get my stuff.

Once we pull into the stone/paved drive, BlackWolf and I get out. I stare at the place that has been six months hell, the one place I couldn't be myself. Well I'm finally free, I just have to get my stuff. Dad comes out of the house and says, "Hello, Jayson.". I cut right to the chase and ask, "The stuff packed?". Dad nods and says, "All your clothes, the little bit of jewelry that you own,  the sleeping bag that you use and pillows, and a few other things that I thought you might want are packed.".  I nod and BlackWolf follows me to the garage. 

BlackWolf and I finish packing all, but two boxes when we hear, "Where the hell have you been, Jayson, Mom and I have done nothing and now it's time to step up and be house keeper again." Megaen says. I begin to say something , but BlackWolf says, "Back the fuck off, Megaen. I will not ask twice, you should already know that, chica.". Megaen looks llike she's on the verge of tears when she says, "You had no right to cheat on me, Zeus.". He just says, "You cheated on me, chica.".

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