The Angel and The Archangel

18 year old Jayson never thought a girl like her could find anyone to love. One day she meets a mysterious boy who goes by BlackWolf at school she is instantly intrigued by him. Who is he? More importantly WHAT is he? *Caution: I switch back and forth between 'Zeus' and 'BlackWolf', but they are the same person*


1. One (Jayson)

I set there in my government class listening to the teacher when I look up at the door and see a cute boy just standing there. Mr. Wen asks the boy, "What is your name?". The boy looks around and says, "Zeus BlackWolf, Sir. Is this Mr. Wen's government class?". Mr. Wen nods his head and says, "The only seat open is next to Ms. Jayson.". Zeus nods his head, walks to where I am and takes the seat right next to me like Mr. Wen said to. I keep staring ahead, I have a knack for getting in trouble.

"Hi, I'm Zeus, but most people call me BlackWolf, you must be Jayson." he says. I nod my head and whisper, "Yes, I'm Jayson, and yes I know I'm a girl with a guys name.". BlackWolf nods and we both listen to the lecture for the rest of the class. As I walk out the door the cheer captain, Megaen, trips me. She sarcastically says, "Oops, Jayson, I didn't see you there.". I hear BlackWolf say, "Back off, Jayson hasn't done shit to you, and if you try that again you can be sure as hell you'll end up in detention.". 

No one has ever stood up against  Megaen for me, BlackWolf may just be a keeper as a friend. BlackWolf helps me stand up after Megaen stalks off, then he asks, "Are you okay? Why does she do that?". I look at BlackWolf and say, "Megaen bullies anyone who crosses her path. She's a bitch, a liar, and captain of the cheerleaders. I don't know what here deal is, or why she hates me.".

BlackWolf nods his head and then his phone starts ringing...He takes it out of his pocket and begins to speak in...Latin? He keeps looing down and shaking his head. He hangs up and says, "That was my mother, I need to leave, I...uh...have family stuff I...uh...need to attend to.". I nod my head again and say, "I understand, BlackWolf. I...uh...have family problems too.".  BlackWolf waves 'Goodbye' and walks off to the office to check out.

I went through the rest of my day with one person on my mind; Zeus BlackWolf. Whatever he had to do, I hoped it wasn't  anything too bad. After school I headed back to that hell hole of a house where my father and step-mother and my step-sister live; Megaen's house.

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