Taken Away

This girl named Amber meets this lovely boy, but then someone takes her and the boy keeps trying to find her.


3. What's next

    When i got home my mom was making pasta. " how was school " she asked. " GREAT, AWESOME, i mean it was good i guess " i said. Ok go put your stuff upstairs will i finish this pasta she replied. When i got into my room i sat on my bed thinking about today. ''Could he like me'' i asked myself ? "no way some one like him would never fall for someone like me. "Amber dinner is ready" my mom yelled. " Ok" i yelled back. 

  Me and my mom was sitting in the dinning room eating when i heard the door bell. " i will get" i told my mom. When i opened the door it was Niall. " Hey can i talk to you for a second" he asked. " sure'' i replied. We went down on the side walk and talked. " Ok first here is your headphones you left in gym, and second i am having a party this Saturday . Would you like to come" he asked?  " I would love to " i said."Ok, um whats your cell phone number i will text you and tell you what time it is" he said. " 724-678-9315" i said. " cool, i will see you tomorrow" he said while walking away. 

 I walked in the house to see my mom singing " you got a boyfriend, you got a boyfriend". " no i dont , he is just a friend" I said. 

That night i thought about him over and over again. Did he really want me at his party or was he just playing with my head. I tried not to think about it so much. 


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