Taken Away

This girl named Amber meets this lovely boy, but then someone takes her and the boy keeps trying to find her.


4. The party

 My mom dropped me off at his house at three. " Have fun with your boyfriend Amber" she yelled as i got out the car. " He ain't my boyfriend " i yelled back. I knocked on the front door. Niall opened the door and said " Hey i am so happy you came". I smiled and walked in.  

When i walked in there was people everywhere. They was singing and dancing and getting drunk. Niall then grabbed my hand and started walking me upstairs. We got up to his room, we both sat on his bed. "You have a nice house " i said while sitting down. He then looked up and smiled and said "thanks, i am so glad you came". He then put his hand on my leg and gave me a flirty smile. I  leaned in to kiss him then he put his hand on my cheek and pulled me closer. We started kissing, we then laid down on the bed. Two minutes later someone was knocking on the door. Niall got up and opened the door."Mom what are you doing home so early'' he asked? When i heard him say mom i froze." I wanted to come home early because i was supposed to take you two get new shoes, but now i'm not so sure i will now" she replied with an angry look on her face. 

 His mom stomped down stairs. As soon as i heard he walk away i jumped up and said " i think i should go now". Niall then turned around and walked over to me. He held me hands and said " i am so sorry , I did enjoy you being here though. I will see you tomorrow". 

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