Taken Away

This girl named Amber meets this lovely boy, but then someone takes her and the boy keeps trying to find her.


1. New Beginining

      Ok so my mom decided that we are moving to Ireland . That is really far from Pennsylvania.

I heard that the school is nice , and the house I am moving into has a pool. So I guess there is a bright side to this." Amber its time to go we are going to miss are plane" my mom said. "Ok I am coming" I replied. I ran down stairs got my suit case and headed out the door.

    So when we got on the plane my mom picked a place for us to sit. Of course she picks the worse one. There was this kid who kept kicking the back of my seat. So after two hours we got off the plane and there was a cab to take us to our new house. The cab smelled this puke and dirt. So far this is the worst day ever.

    We got to are new house around four, thirty. I helped my mom bring in the suit case's ,and then I went upstairs to find my room. I found the perfect one. I could look out my window and see the whole neighborhood. I looked out  the window to this one house close to mine. There was a cute boy that lived their. He had hair blonde hair , he was wearing a blue hoodie , black sweat pants, and white high tops. I watched as he practiced playing soccer. ''Amber you have one more suit case in the cab'' my mom yelled upstairs. ''Ok I will go get it now'' I yelled back.

 When I got outside that boy was still their kicking a soccer ball in the streets. I got my suit case and headed in the house.

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