Taken Away

This girl named Amber meets this lovely boy, but then someone takes her and the boy keeps trying to find her.


2. Does he know ?

          That night I tried to think about what I was going to wear tomorrow for school. But all I could think about was that boy. He was perfect. "Amber go to sleep you have to get up in the morning " I told myself.

       The next morning I woke up at five. I put on a knee high, light pink dress with a jean jacket and silver flats. I went down stairs and got a cereal bar to take with me. When I got to school I had to go to the office to get my paper with all my class' on them. My locker number was 536. I got to my locker and I tried to put in my combination but it didn't work. I tried over and over and over again. After five try's I felt a tap on my shoulder and It was that boy. The one who lives next to me. " Do you need help" he asked with a laugh." Yea I replied while looking into his bright blue eyes. After he got my locker open he said " my name is Niall what's yours'' . "Amber" I replied. " I like that name, who do you have first period"? He asked. "umm Mr.Hamer" I said. " me to , want to walk together" he asked? "sure " I  replied.  

When we got to the class room I looked around and there wasn't any seats that weren't taken. " you can sit by me " Niall said.


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