Margo Junith is the typical white girl. She likes starbucks, wears leggings and uggs with oversized sweaters. She lives off of nutella, and her idea of socializing is talking to strangers on the random chat site omegle. But here's the thing: she's not even white.

She claims that though her skin isn't pale and her home country isn't even close to america (it actually is, she's a bit of a liar), she should be classified as a white girl. She likes the life she's gotten accustomed to, but when she goes on a cruise and her parents unknowingly leave her on a tourist island, she's stuck.

She's stuck with a boy who is frustratingly annoying and insists that they're 'soul mates.' Margo has to find a way to escape. However, a few weeks with a boy, who although he is delusional is extremely cute and witty, can drive a girl insane.


1. escape - one

stranger: asl?

you: 15f

stranger has diconnected


I sighed and pushed my glasses up to the bridge of my nose. Was the fact that I was a girl so bad? Whatever. Sucks to be them. They just missed out on being friends with the best person they could ever be friends with.

I heard a knock come from outside of the door. I shut my laptop and said, "Entrer."

"Margo," Mandy started as she opened the door, "stop tyring to be french. It's really not working. We all know that you're asian."

I glared at her. "What do you want? I was busy."

"Busy doing what? Talking to strangers per your usual schedule?"

"Tais-toi déjà." I scrunched up my nose and turned it up at her. Just shut up.

"I can't understand you," She replied in her oh-so-plain american.

"Eh bien, peut-être vous auriez dû payer plus d'attention en classe," I crossed my arms as she sighed. Well maybe you should have paid more careful attention in class.

"Just speak in plain english, woman!"

"Je préfère ne pas," I said back. I'd rather not.

"Okay, fine!" She threw her hands up. "Mom just wanted for you to come downstairs, because she has a surprise. Don't ask me what it is," she added.

I narrowed my eyes at her. She threw her arms up in surrender and walked out.

I walked down the stairs, gaining my daily workout, and my mouth dropped as I saw what my mom had in her hand. It was a brochure. It was a freaking brochure.

And I bet you would never be able to guess what kind of brochure. That's right, an ocean liner. It was as if my parents had completely forgotten about how I became seasick so easily.

"Surprise!" My mom and dad shouted in perfect synchronization.

"We thought that it would-" My father started, but my mom quickly cut him off.

"Be great to go on a family trip! So, we've been saving up-" Mom.

"And we can finally afford it!" Dad.

"Oh, isn't this exciting?" She squealed.

"Eh bien, pas vraiment," I trailed. Well, not really,

"Oh! Thank you! You just reminded me of the very best part! You're not allowed to speak french, and you have have speak like a normal american citizen!" 

"Qu'est-ce que si je voulais être canadien ou même simplement français, maman?" What if I wanted to be canadian or even just french, mom?

"Well, you're registered as American!"

"Je t'aime tellement en ce moment," I drawled sarcastically. I love you so much right now.

My mother, not knowing the rest of the phrase or even the fact that I was speaking sarcastially engulfed me in a hug and yelled, "I love you, too!"

After the love fest was over, my mom told me all the details. We would leave in three months, on the last day of classes and she would force me to socialize and 'have fun with people my age' and 'interact with real people and not spammers.'


Clicks filled the room as I typed to my internet friends.

xloveheather: your mom is srsly making you go out?

addictedtoomegle: yeah. my life sucks.

xloveheather: Can she even do that to you?

addictedtoomegle: it seems that she can

xloveheather: wow that is so unfair

hellojello has entered the chat

hellojello: what's up, ladies?

addictedtoomegle: My mom is forcing me to go on a stupid cruise.

hellojello: really? Wow.. your life really sucks

hellojello: I know I just got here, but my mom is telling me to get of the inernet and go out with a couple of friends.

xloveheather: Okay. Hey, I have to go, too. Will you update me on what happens with the whole trip?

addictedtoomegle: Bien sûr chérie

xloveheather: Merci! Bon, au revoir!

hellojello has disconnected

xloveheather has disconnected

I clicked the disconnect button.

you have disconnected

I sighed and shut the lid of my laptop. If only I enjoyed being with people.



Time passed slowly- oh thank goodness- and the last day of freshman year arrived even though I prayed it wouldn't.

"Hey, Margaret! Or Miranda! Or is it Margo?" the speaker scrunched up their nose as if that would help them figure it out. "Will you sign my yearbook? I am a senior this year, and I need as many signatures as my yearbook will allow!" Oh. It was little miss torture-everyone-who-is-within-hearing-distance-because-I-am-so-much-better-than-everyone-else-and-my-voice-is-so-amazing-and-totally-not-annoying.

I smiled at her as fakely as I could. "Of course, sugar. I would love to."

 Vous sucer et je pense que vous êtes vraiment ennuyeux. J'espère que votre été craint. -Margo

"What does that mean?"

I just smiled at her. She walked away, shooting a glare at me as she sashayed away.


"Hey, kid!" I heard Mandy shout across the halls to me. "I hope you're ready to go, because I would hate to be the one to make us miss the flight! Mom would be ticked if you did that. You know she's ecstatic for this trip."

I growled under my breath and opened my locker and grabbed my backpack. At least I'm leaving this hell hole. At least I won't be back for another few months. But I'll be out socializing for three weeks in a place I do not know with people- actual people- who I care nothing about.

Once I got into the car my phone buzzed.

xloveheather: Good luck on your trip. Stay alive.

addictedtoomegle: I probably won't. But thanks..


"Hand me your phone, Margo.'" My mom held out her hand.

"What, mother?"

"I said, hand me your phone, Margo. I refuse for you to rack of the bills with your incessant chatter with people I do not know."

"But mom!"

"Hey. Hand it over." She waved her hand at me again.

"Chienne," I muttered as I put it in her hand.

"Hey, mom! Margo just called you a-"

I slapped my hand over her mouth, refusing to be tattled on.


The drive to the airport and then the flight to the east coast was relatively boring, but I had to sit by a stranger- a very hot stranger. He introduced himself as Anthony, and that was the extent of or communication. It probably had something to do with the fact that I could only stutter when I tried to talk to him.

"Margo! Isn't this just so exciting?" Mandy squealed by me as we started to board the ship.

"What is exciting about hanging out with people you don't know?"

"Oh! It isn't really about who you're spending time with but what you're doing!"

I glared at her, "Stop trying to be smart. We all know you're not."

"Shut up, Mars. Stop being so negative for at least a little while. Just while we're on this trip. Mom is really excited, and if you kill it, I will not hesitate to not talk to you for a whole year. I've done it once, i will do it again."

I sighed and let it go. "Whatever, Mandy. I'll try, but I can't promise anything. This negativity just comes naturally, honestly. And whose fault is that? Our parents."

"I don't care, Margo. Just get over yourself."

The level we were on wasn't all that lavish. However,  could tell that the boat was intricate. I read a map- yes, a freaking map, and there were two whole levels dedicated to food. And if that wasn't something to be excited about, I didn't know what was. I had also read that there was food available 24/7 during the trip, which made me scream. Maybe being deprieved from Nutella wouldn't kill me.


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