Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


19. To love

When we got out off the air plane and put our feet in Italy, I knew already that I was going to feel better. It was hot and I realized that we were too warmly dressed. I took off my jacket and looked down on my thick shoes. Niall laughed a little bit and took his arm around my shoulders. 
"We are going to buy clothes." 
I nodded and smiled at him. 
"So where will we live?" 
He just laughed and pulled me towards the taxis. I followed him, and looked at all the people. It was as if I had come to a new world and I felt like a stranger, but I loved the feeling.


Niall had already booked a hotel and I discovered that it was an expensive hotel. I just stared when we came into the room and I went out on the balcony. We had a small pool on balcony, we had a large bathroom with everything and we had a bedroom with the biggest double bed I had ever seen. The living room had a sofa, TV and everything that we needed. 
"I can stay here." I said cheerfully, and came in to Niall. "Can you afford this?" 
Niall laughed and nodded. He seemed pleased with my reaction. 
"So should we buy clothes?" 
I nodded and he took my hand. Niall was in a great spirits and I saw at him that he enjoyed to the fullest. I wondered deep down if I could be as free as he felt. Niall seemed to have no problems and he took life as it came.


We came into a clothing store and Niall immediately began to pick out clothes for me. I went into the fitting room and took off my old clothes. The first dress was flowery and summery. Niall put his head in and smiled at me. 
I blushed and looked at him. 
"How many clothes we talking about?" 
He grinned slightly and gave me more clothes to try. 
"Filthy many clothes." he whispered, raising his eyebrow. "So many clothes that you feel you are spoiled." 
I blushed and he vanished away. I changed my clothes and to my surprise, I could have everything Niall gave me. Finally I had the whole room filled with clothes and Niall wanted to buy everything. 
"But it costs money?" 
He smiled and came in to me. He kissed me quickly on the cheek and picked up everything. 
"As I see it, you're worth more."


Niall did so that a car drove clothes to the hotel and then he took me to an expensive restaurant. I just enjoyed and I felt like a princess. Niall ordered the food and I saw that he was eating with gusto.
"Are you always happy?" I asked quickly. Niall gulped down food and then looked at me.
"I have learned over the years not to take everything seriously." he answered honestly. "I've seen how all the other worries about everything, but I know that it will always get better."
I poked at the food and looked at everyone who ate food at the dinning area.
"I'm still not used to the idea." I whispered and looked at him again. "It's as if I still haven't realized that we're vampires."
Niall laughed a little bit and drank water. He looked straight at me and he seemed amused.
"The difference is that we need to drink daily, but otherwise, you are the same person as before."
I frowned.
"But I won't die?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"I see it as something good. I'm not worried about death and the day I die, I know I've lived a long life. I don't take life for granted."


When we got back to the room, we drank direct blood and I felt my body became smooth again. I stood on the balcony and watched the sun went down the horizon. Niall showed up and stood beside me. He peered out over the area and then looked at me again. 
"Emma, are you glad you came with me?" 
I nodded and looked directly at him. 
"Yes, it's better than to stay in a country house." 
Niall laughed a little bit and he took a few steps toward me. He lifted his hand and pulled it through my hair. 
"I don't feel Louis, so I know he's not looking for us." 
I swallowed. 
"How can you be so sure?" 
Niall laughed and let his hand remain on my cheek. 
"I have lived so long that I've learned some things." 
I was unsure when he leaned toward me. Our lips met and to my great surprise, I answered the kiss. Niall was so soft and he tested me. It was a simple kiss, but yet he influenced me. I groaned and finished the kiss. 
"We shouldn't..." 
Niall took his arms around my waist and pulled me into his arms. He looked into my eyes and he smiled a little crooked to me. 
"There's much that you shouldn't do..." he whispered, and again he kissed me. This time I took my arms around his neck and I felt him became more intense.


It happened quickly. Niall pulled me towards the bed and before we got into the bedroom, we had stripped us naked. He lifted me up against the mattress, and he kissed me so intensely. He parted my legs and let the kiss wander down from my lips. He kissed my breasts and my nipples were standing straight out. I groaned and took my hands over his head. His lips continued down across my stomach and down between my legs. I screamed almost straight out when his tongue reached my clit. I pushed myself up against him and my whole body shook. Niall took his lips and tongue perfectly over the area. I closed my eyes and I groaned out straight. Niall envelope his hands on my hips and forced me to lie still. He let a finger penetrate and direct shook I even more. It didn't take much until I came. I felt my whole body became warm and I whimpered out towards the ceiling. I threw back my head and I let the orgasm slide through the body.


Niall moved up over my body and landed on top of me. He penetrated and immediately I took my legs around his waist. Niall kissed me again and I felt how he began working with the body. He worked with every muscle and he was moving so perfect on me. I whimpered against his lips and I felt his rapidly increasing pace. Niall was totally inside of what we did and he didn't seem to get enough of me. I felt how he worked faster and he groaned loudly at me. He sat down under me and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I saw how he penetrated and he showed with the whole body that he loved every movement. He released me with his eyes and he was red in the face. His mouth was wide open and he worked quickly. I felt how hard he was holding my legs and I loved to see his muscles working against me.


Niall leaned down over my body and I was almost double under him. His hands landed on either side of my head and I felt him slid quickly in and out. He looked straight into my eyes and he groaned loudly against my face. He looked down over my body, and he didn't seem to let go of me with his eyes. He got my body to once again shake and I felt how he got me to succumb. I closed my eyes and once again. I screamed and moaned loudly. 
"Damn Niall ..." 
He grinned and I heard he was moaning as loud as me. He smiled and he was sweating. Finally he came and he pushed himself hard into me. I heard him moaning and he filled me with his liquid.


We stayed in bed and just held each other tight. I didn't care if he was sweaty and he was tired. I just felt his body heat and he held me so tight. It was like I realized I only had two choices. I could stay with him, or I was forced to run away. I didn't know if I loved Niall, but he influenced me. He made ​​me forget all the problems and he made ​​me enjoy. Still, I was afraid to stay. I didn't want to get hurt again and I didn't want that Louis would find me.

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