Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


4. The night

I was amazed when mom on Friday drove me all the way to Louis mansion. The place was outside the city and far into the woods. 
"If anything happens, I'm going home." I mumbled. Mom laughed lightly and gave me a quick glance. 
"I see this as an opportunity and Louis said you were a good student." 
Something wasn't right. One can't at some lessons get the opinion of a student and certainly not about me. Maybe I could paint, but there were those that were significantly better compared to what I was. Why was Louis so careful to precisely I was coming? He could have chosen Eleanor or someone completely different student. Yet he chose me, who barely wanted.


When my mom stopped the car in the yard came Louis out right away. He came straight up to us and he looked pleased. I swallowed easily and jumped out of the car. I chose to show him with my whole body that I didn't want to stay, but he didn't care. 
"Was it easy to find the way?" 
Mom nodded and greeted him. They started talking and I looked towards his house. It was a big house and I noticed that everything looked so new. 
"Everyone at school said you live in town." I got out. "Why are we here?" 
Louis laughed and came up to me. He seemed to like my suspicions. 
"This is the house I own with friends. I don't live here, but I'm often here and paint." 
Mom took out my bag from the car and gave me a varnand gaze. 
"Now sharpens yourself up." said she coldly. "Louis will give you a chance and you'll be grateful."
Louis just smiled and took the bag from mom. 
"You can go now and I promise you that she will stay." 
Mom nodded a little bit and seemed almost disappointed. 
"I wont come in?" 
Louis shook his head. 
"I'll take over from here and Emelie will like what I have planned."


When we got in the house I felt the fragrance of colours. I went with Louis up upstairs and he showed me my room. Then we went down and he took me into a large room. There was an easel, brushes, pictures and everything you could need. 
"This is the heart of the house." said Louis, and he smiled at me. "The others will come here tonight, and you will like it." 
I just sighed. In the middle of the room was a mattress on the floor with blankets and pillows. 
"What are you doing on the floor?" 
He laughed and sat down on the mattress. 
"Models are sitting here as we paint them off. Nude Models."
I blushed. I just stared at him. Nude people was something that I didn't like. I hated to see myself and others naked. Maybe I was ashamed of myself, but I had early learned that you would hide the body. Louis saw my reaction and stood up. 
"We won't allow any model to come this weekend." 
I puffed out. Louis came closer to me and he stood in front of me. 
"But maybe I can paint you?" 
I blushed again. 
"No thank you, and I don't want to lie naked on the floor." 
Louis laughed a little bit and looked straight into my eyes. My whole body tingled and I couldn't tear myself away and go from there. He raised his hand and let it caress my cheek. 
"I could draw you perfectly." he mumbled. I backed off. I got scared and I didn't think he would flirt with me. 
"Why did you drag me out here?" 
Louis raised his eyebrows and throughout he was amused over that I constantly pulled myself away. 
"Because I see you have more to offer than anyone else. I know I can help you become something more and I are attracted to you." 
I blushed. 
"I'm your student. Teachers can't flirt with students." 
He didn't seem to care. 
"And? Maybe I wont stay long at your school and who says I want a relationship with you?" 
I didn't utter a word. I realized he was right. He had just wanted to be nice to me and it was I who misunderstood everything. Clearly he didn't want a relationship with a gray mouse. Still, the thoughts began spinning. I was disappointed at the same time, I was relieved.

It came more people to Louis's house and I noticed that I was the youngest. Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn. Perrie and a girl named Sophia. I dared to greet them and I saw that everyone was curious about who I was. 
"It's Emelie," said Louis quickly. "She's one of the pupils at the school and I think she really has potential to be developed." 
Niall came up to me right away and he smiled. 
"It's a few years ago, but Louis did the same with me. He pulled me to a weekend of painting and I learned it all."


We ate food and then all gathered in another room. We sat around on various couches and relaxed. Louis took out red wine and passed it out. When he came up to me, he laughed a little bit. 
"And you're not old enough." 
I nodded and swallowed. I still wanted not to have any wine. Louis sat next to me on the couch and I felt his arm around my shoulder. At first I felt to walk away, but he held me down. 
"So we'll paint some landscape?" I heard Perrie question. Louis drank of the wine, and seemed glad that everybody was there. 
"What do you want to paint?"
Liam smiled big and looked at me. 
"Naked Painting?" 
I blushed and chose to look down. I avoided his eyes and I heard that Louis was amused by the idea. 
"She doesn't dare!" he replied. "She doesn't want to paint nude models." 
To my great surprise, I heard Liam say some more. 
"It wasn't model I was thinking about. I figured out that we could paint Emelie?"
I lifted my face and just stared at Liam. 
"I don't want to strip naked in front of you all." 
Perrie didn't seem to understand. 
"We all have done it and what is it about the problem?" 
I swallowed. 
"I tend not to be naked in front of others." 
Louis leaned his face towards me. 
"Take it easy. Nobody is going to force you, but Perrie's right. I've been naked and all have been on the floor. We've painted each other."
Zayn vanished away and came back with a painting. It was imagine Harry and he was lying naked on his stomach. I saw that it was a well done painting and actually Zayn was an accomplished artist. Harry laughed lightly. 
"You always show me up?" 
Louis smiled at him. 
"Yes, because that painting was good." 
Harry blushed slightly and then looked at me. 
"I'm no model, but you must agree that Zayn succeeded?" 
I nodded and looked at the painting. I liked it, but me myself, I knew I wouldn't be able to paint so well.
"You can have your underwear on." I heard Sophia say and I saw at her that she really cared. 
"But I don't want ..." 
"We don't show them to anyone else." she continued. "I like to paint the models and see it as an experience. All you have to do is to just lie there." 
I blushed and shook my head. Mostly attracted the idea me, but I was too shy.


All began to get tired and eventually they began one by one to go to their rooms. I stood up and was about to do the same, but Louis took my hand. 
"Stop." Louis whispered and smiled at me. I met his gaze and couldn't resist. 
He smiled big and looked at me for a long time. 
"Because I want to." 
We were alone and he stood up. He put down the wine glass and took my hand. He pulled me towards the room where they painted and away to the mattress. He spun around and looked at me. 
"I want to paint you and no one else will see you."
I would just say no. Still, he got me to be quiet. I felt his hands slowly began to pull off my shirt and he laid it beside me. 
"Come on, you're beautiful." 
I swallowed and I couldn't make any resistance. I didn't understand what was happening and why I allowed him to continue. It was as if he ruled me and I couldn't say no.


When I was completely naked looked Louis down over my body and he let his hands slide along my arms. 
"You're beautiful and you're perfect." 
I wanted to believe his words, but I chose not to listen. I tried to back off, but I didn't succeed to do that. I simply couldn't move. Why? Louis dropped me on the mattress and I ended up on my back. He put my legs, as he wanted them and my arms over my head. 
"Lie still." 
I swallowed and saw how he stood behind an easel. He began to paint and he eyes followed my body. I either froze or was hot. I wasn't embarrassed and I just felt the pleasure in my body. 
"You always get what you want?" 
Louis smiled and gave me a quick smile. 
"No, but I know what I want to do and I knew you wouldn't say no."


Right as it was Louis came back to me. He sat next to me and changed my arms. I felt like a doll and saw how his eyes sucked in my body. It was as if he saw every detail and I blushed slightly. Louis smiled and leaned over me. His face ended up just a few inches from mine. 
"Admit it, you like it." 
I swallowed. 
"I have no opinion yet." 
Louis smiled and I was surprised when his lips touched mine. He kissed me. He gave me just a simple kiss and I could feel my whole body was affected. I shook the and I felt my stomach tingled. 
"You are my teacher." I whispered. 
"I know ..." he got out and looked straight into my eyes. "But there's something about you that I just love. It's as if you belong to me and I don't want you to leave." 
I swallowed and felt his hand began to caress my skin over my stomach. Louis smiled as I groaned. He let his hand slide up to one of my breasts and he embraced it. I was affected and I felt I wanted more. I looked into his eyes and I just felt the desire. 
"We should ..." I got out of me. Louis smiled and his lips met mine again. I responded the kiss and felt how he laid on top of me. He kissed me so intensely and he got me to give up all locks. I moaned and spread my legs. I took my arms around his neck, and I realized that I had fallen for my teacher.

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