Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


7. The night with love...

Louis lay me down in bed and my whole body was screaming for more. He smiled and slowly began to undress himself his clothes. I watched as his skin become naked, and I saw his tattoos. I moaned and I just wanted him near me. When Louis was naked, he sat on the bed and made me sit up. He undid the buttons on my dress and began to let my clothes slipping off. I groaned and tried to kiss him again, but Louis just smiled and shook his head.
"One thing at a time, sweetheart."
He pulled off my bra I lay down on my back. He pulled off my panties and I saw that he loved my body. He parted my legs and sat between them. I felt his hands began to glide over my skin and he moaned loudly.
"Emelie, I promise you more than you can imagine." he got out. "I love you and I will take care of you."
I just stared at him and he smiled at me. His hands came around my chest, and he looked straight into my eyes.
"You are ready?"
I just nodded and lifted my hips against him. I wanted to do everything and I screamed after him.


Louis lay on top of me and I felt he started to kiss me . I groaned and took my arms tightly around his body. I felt his every move and I tried to get him to penetrate. Louis took it easy and he kissed me lovingly. His tongue was playing with mine and his hands slid over my body. He let his hand slide down between my legs and he stroked me. I moaned and I found that I wanted more. I was as crazy as I could be when he finally let his cock penetrate. I felt how he filled me and my whole body shook with desire. He moaned and I felt him slowly began to move on the hip. I closed my eyes and I tried to calm me down. I dragged my nails over his back and pressed me up. Louis moaned and he let his lips slip from my lips, over my cheek and down against my neck. It was like in a daze. I felt he was moving faster and he influenced every part of me. I moaned and I did everything for him to continue. Louis let his lips slide over my neck and right as it was, it felt as if he bit me. I screamed because it was a wonderful feeling that spread through my body. It was as if his teeth dug into me and I loved it. I forgot about the time and place. The only thing that mattered was here and now. I felt his teeth repeatedly bit me and I let him take control. I closed my eyes and just moaned. Louis sat up and he took my legs over his shoulders. I felt how he worked quickly and I opened my eyes. I looked at him, and I was startled. His face was totally red and even his eyes. I only saw two red eyes gleaming at me and looked down over my body. I wasn't afraid. I even saw that his teeth were altered. There were two fangs sticking down and I saw that he had blood around his mouth. Yet I wasn't afraid. I saw a completely different Louis in front of me, but it was still the same person.


Lou closed his eyes and I saw how he worked with the entire body. He grabbed my waist and lifted me up easily. He worked so fast in me, and I felt every move he made. I slowly started to disappear and I felt my head felt heavy. I tried to think clearly, but in the end it was as if I just couldn't control myself. I ended up in a state between dream and reality.


I sat in Louis's lap and rode him. I felt how he got me to move quickly and I felt his breath on my cheek. 
"You have to bite me." he groaned. I woke up and I wondered what he meant. He groaned and with one hand he forced my face to slide against his neck. 
"Just open your mouth and touch my skin." 
I don't know what happened. I obeyed him and I felt a desire came to life. I felt my whole body became aware of his neck and I stroked it with my lips. I closed my eyes and right as it was I stabbed him in the skin. I don't know what happened, but I was aware that I loved it. I felt my body was hot and I felt total peace in every inch of myself. I moaned and I couldn't let him go.


I know I got an orgasm. I remembered faintly that I screamed and my whole body was like a vibrator. I remembered that Louis came and he filled me with his sperm. There had been something so wonderful and I had groaned the entire time. 


I woke up when he moved. I opened my eyes and saw Louis's face. He was the same again and he had returned his blue eyes. I looked into them, but it was something new about him. He smiled and I saw that he had normal teeth. 
"What happened?" I whispered. Louis lay so close to me and took his arms around my body. 
"Honey, you're mine!" 
I frowned. 
"Louis, I mean seriously?" 
He kissed me. 
"You became one of us. You became a vampire in the night."

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