Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


23. The hill and me

I fell asleep in the van. I had no idea where we were going or how long time it took. I woke up when the car jolted and I opened my eyes. We had driven onto a gravel road and in front of me was a beautiful green landscape with grass, fields and flowers. I just stared straight out. 
"Rise and shine!" Harry giggled and smiled at me. "We're here." 
I saw how we approached a green hill and at the top of the hill was a large birch. I saw a person standing there and I realized immediately that it was Niall. He started walking towards the road and when Harry stopped the car, opened my door and Niall threw herself into my arms. 
"I'm sorry I left you alone, but I didn't think he would hurt us again." 
I held him tightly and refused to let him. 
"It's okay!" I whispered and felt the tears came. "I love you."
Harry opened the back doors on his van and began to pick up a heavy bag. I let Niall go and wiped my eyes. He smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. 
"I promise I wont leave you again." 
I nodded and smiled at him. 
"I promise I wont leave you."
Niall then looked at Harry. 
"Okay, you have everything with you?" 
Harry smiled and nodded. 
"Up to the tree." he said and buoyed go up the hill. Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. He wouldn't let go off me and I felt safe with him. 
"What's so special about this place?" 
Niall smiled weakly. 
"This was where it all began. Louis did Liam here, and Harry." 
I frowned. 
"And you?" 
Niall laughed lightly. 
"You begin to understand? Well this is where we formed our little group. Louis was biting us in the throat and it all began. The girls showed up later."


Harry had with him ribbons, ropes and more. I stared at when they began to work. 
"A trap?" 
Harry smiled at me. 
"Maybe, depends on what Louis will do." 
Niall laughed lightly. 
"But you are here, Darling." he kissed me quickly. "We'll either make sure he no longer sits as leader or we kill him." 
I balked. 
"Shall we kill him?"
Harry became serious and nodded. 
"We are tired of him. He determines everything and when he wanted to take you back, we realized that this isn't sustainable. We have fought against leaders throughout our lives, and we refuse to just be slaves." 
I swallowed. 
"Has there been more leaders?" 
Niall nodded and worked on with the trap. 
"At one time we were thousands of vampires. We were everywhere and we had two who checked that no misbehaving. When they died, Louis felt that he was the given leader. He felt that he could decide everything."
Harry nodded. 
"And he really wanted to decide everything. It's as if he doesn't listen to anyone else and he just wants power." 
I sat down in the grass and sighed. 
"Talk about that you must have had a hard time." 
Niall smiled at me. 
"No, sweetheart. It's only in the last fifty years that he have been hard." 
I laughed and blushed. Fifty years? For me it felt like an eternity, but for them it was a short time. 
"You will understand what we mean." Niall continued. "One year isn't a long time, but when you were a normal girl you thought it was an eternity."


Right as it was Zayn popped up. He came with a car and he ran right up the hill. 
"He's coming!" he shouted, and he was stressed. "We must hurry and he's furious." 
I stood up. Niall grabbed my hand and put me on the sidelines. 
"Harry, salt!" 
Harry came with a transparent jar. There in there was salt with herbs and they poured it around me, so that I was standing in a ring. 
"You can't leave the ring." said Niall seriously and looked at me. "It's the only thing that will protect you against Louis. He's here to take you and whatever happens, don't leave the ring." 
I nodded and felt how my body began to shake. Harry gave me an ax. 
"Cut off his head if you can." 
I got scared. 
"Are you serious?"
Zayn came up to me and he was breathless. 
"Listen to them!" he breathed quickly. "You have to protect yourself, even if the rest of us get injured. Okay?" 
I nodded. 
Niall gave me a light kiss on the lips. 
"It's going to be fine. We are four to one." 
I nodded. 
"And you have me?" 
Harry laughed lightly. 
"Yeah, and we got you!"


Everyone had weapon. I stood with my ax and felt just silly. Why had they to protect me? Louis certainly wouldn't kill me and I was no more valuable than anyone else. Niall saw that I hesitated. 
"Okay, you have to understand that Louis wants to create a new vampire kingdom and he needs a queen." 
Zayn nodded and he also looked at me. 
"And he needs you as a queen." 
I frowned. 
"Can't he choose the other girls?" 
Harry smiled. 
"He has chosen you the day he bit you. He's determined that it will be you and no one else. It doesn't matter if he bites hundred girls. He'll have you!"
I blushed. I felt small and I realized I didn't know much about what was happening. 
"So I'll just stand here?" 
Niall nodded. 
"And kill him if you notice that he doesn't give up. He can't hurt you but you can hurt him, as long as you are standing in the ring." 
I looked down at the ground. 
"Why are you going through the ring?" 
Niall smiled and looked down at the ring. 
"Because it is created to keep Louis away. Rest of us can go through it."


Everyone stood tense, just waiting. I almost started to doubt that Louis would show up. I felt silly and I chose instead to listen to the birds, look at the clouds and understood that it was really summer. I felt all the smells and hear animals running around in the woods. I realized that I had good hearing now and it led to that I was listening to all the sounds that I shouldn't have heard. Right as it was, I heard steps, breath and growl. I got scared and realized it was Louis. He moved quickly towards us and I realized that now it would happen. 
"He's coming!" said all at once and we looked toward the direction that the sound came from.

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