Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


2. The first lesson

"Hi my name's Louis Tomlinson and I'm your new art teacher." 
I sat at the back of the classroom and I looked down at my hands. I noted that he was in a good mood and I noted that many of the girls had already had fallen for him. 
"I hope this will be a nice lesson in which everyone participates and where everyone learns to get better all the time." 
I saw the cell phone had got a messing from mom, she had already had come home. She sent a message in which she said that she was waiting for me. 
"And you in the back of the classroom." he said suddenly. "You can take away your cell phones and put them in your bag." 
I balked. I looked up and met directly Louis gaze. He looked straight at me and I saw that he really saw me. Direct I blushed and put the mobile phone in my bag. He smiled gratefully at me and began to walk between the benches towards me. 
"Your seen, even if you sit far back." he said with the same cheerful voice, but he looked straight at me. He came up to my desk and looked at me. He smiled a little crooked and leaned slightly toward me. 
"I expect you to try?" 
I just nodded. I blushed and I had no idea what he wanted me to answer. All stared at me and I felt stared. 
"No more cell phones in my lessons." he whispered lightly. "I want you to participate like everyone else and I want you to try." 
I just nodded. 
Louis smiled weakly. 
"And you are Emelie, I suppose?" 
I was surprised and nodded. He already knew my name? I was almost shocked. It was as if he knew everything. Eleanor raised her hands in the air and directly he noted her. Louis turned around and gave her a quick glance. 
"Questions we take later." he said, prompting everyone to be surprised. All the other teachers had wanted to know what Eleanor wanted to say, but Louis was just the opposite. He didn't wanted to  know anything and he then gave clear instructions what we should do. I just stared at him. He knew my name and he let no one suck up to him.


I always sat in my own thoughts. I sat with a white paper in front of me and I knew that Louis wanted us to paint something personal. Something we liked or something that told him who we were. I saw how all the other painted dance, disco, boys or something that really was their interest. I swallowed and felt empty. Who was I? Finally, I painted a little cute gray mouse in the middle of the paper. I was happy with it, but knew that Louis wouldn't like my drawing. Nevertheless, I put some energy into it and realized that it was pretty good. It wouldn't suffice for a grade, but it was still me.


At the end of the lesson sat Louis down at the lectern at the front and smiled at us. 
"We're starting up one after one and everyone will stand up in the class. I want you to talk about your painting and why you just painted that picture." 
I panicked and looked down at my little mouse. How would I explain it? 
"This is me." I heard Eleanor say. She painted herself in the middle and all around were her interest. "I love make-up, to ride the horse, my parents and I like my computer." 
I swallowed. I realized that I could have done a computer too. One more continued and finally it was one person ahead of me. I looked at the clock and puffed out. I wouldn't have to say anything. It would call out within a minute and I wouldn't have to it.


The guy before me got just enough time to talk about himself and then it was my turn, but as always the lesson was over and the bell rang. I smiled a little bit and put my drawing in my folder. I took the bag, but was surprised when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Everyone started to leave the classroom, but Louis didn't want me to go. 
"I want to see what you painted." he said kindly, and I spun around. He looked straight at me and it felt as if he saw through me. 
"It wasn't good." I whispered, but Louis didn't give up. 
"You should show me your drawing." he said and smiled at me. "I want to know who you are." 
I blushed and saw how all the other disappeared. I was alone with Louis and I felt the panic come. I realized that I couldn't get out from this and chose to obey him. I picked up my drawing and gave it to Louis. He smiled and took it. I looked down at the floor and didn't see how he reacted. I heard he sighed lightly and immediately I understood that he was like everyone else. 
"I know ..." I got out of me. "I should got more imagination, but ..." 
Louis interrupted me and to my great surprise he said nothing negative. 
"I think it's one of the cutest mice I have ever seen." 
I swallowed and looked up at him. He smiled with his whole face, and he seemed pleased with my picture. 
"You're kidding?" 
He laughed a little bit and shook his head.
"It's really a good painted, but the question is whether or not you exaggerating a little." 
I frowned and didn't understand anything. Louis smiled and looked at me again. 
"I understand that the teachers at this school don't always see the students, but I'm not like them. I see you." 
I blushed. 
Louis laughed a little bit and gave me back the drawing again. 
"Emelie, I wont miss you in this class and I will prove that you're not a gray mouse. All I see is a girl in front of me, a girl who doesn't realize that she has more to give."
I just stared at him. Did he mean that seriously. Louis looked into my eyes and I saw that he was thinking. 
"You're not a gray girl." he whispered and meant every word. "You're going to blossom and I promise you that the future will give you more than this."
I quickly put down the artwork folder and got ready to go, but he stopped me. I avoided his gaze. 
"Can I go?" 
He smiled and looked at me. He laid his head on crooked and he didn't want to let me go. 
"Don't be afraid to live." 
"Okay ...?" 
He released me. 
"See you next time." 
I almost ran out of the classroom. I felt how he had affected the whole me and I felt that my legs were weak. I shouldn't react in that way, and he was my teacher.


Mom called me when I got home. 
"So how was your new teacher?" 
I blushed and put the bag down on the floor. 
"He's good." 
She was surprised. 
"Okay, and what did he do that was so good?" 
I swallowed. 
"He know my name and he saw me." 
Actually became my mom a little happy. 
"It's great that they've finally got a teacher who cares?" 
I looked up at her. 
Mom smiled and made ​​sure I hung up the jacket. 
"Yes, all the others are so boring and you need a new teacher. The headmaster said that Mr. Tomlinson was talented and he's been around the world." 
Okay, I admit. I wanted to hear all about Louis and I listened to her. Mom seemed to know everything. 
"He's single and has no children of his own." 
"And he likes art." she continued. I followed her into the kitchen and sat down at the dining table. She had already put forward it all and I took the food on my plate. 
"He's not old." continued mom, as if she herself seemed interested in him. I looked up at her. 
"How do you know?" 
She giggled. 
"At the meeting, parents spoke about Louis and I must admit I'm curious about who he is. He lives on Second Street. You know that house that nobody wanted, he bought that house and renovated it." 
I just stared at her. I saw that mom wasn't aware that she spoke with her ​​daughter. 
"Why are you telling me this?" 
She blushed. 
"I don't know, but I think he seems exciting."


All wrote about the new art teacher on Twitter. I saw how everyone was fond of him and immediately lost my courage. I realized it would be the same. Louis would slowly but surely forget to look at the students in the back of the classroom. I would slowly disappear and eventually he would forget about me.

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