Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


1. prologue

I belong to those who wasn't visible in the school. I was mediocre and I always did what I should do, but no more. My life was very monotonous and I lacked any excitement around me. My friends were a little more lively and often they had to do more at leisure against what my mother allowed. 
"Girls should watch out for the guys." she said, and meant that I had to keep virginity until I died. Or until I got married. I would do homework, helping out at home and at free time I just could just be out with friends until the last ten o'clock at night. My cell phone should always be available. Mom would reach me all the time and she could call any time. When I had been out, I had to tell her all that had happened. I couldn't hide anything and if she discovered a lie, she became angry. It didn't happen often, because I didn't have much to hide.


Wondering who I am? 


My name's Emily and I'm sixteen years old, at least when the story begins. I had always been a gray mouse, and somehow I managed not to change that part. I wasn't popular and I only had a few friends to hang out with. The teachers learned hardly my name and usually I was called: "You there ..." I sometimes wondered if it was intended that I would be so gray, but somehow I found myself in my lot. Everybody can't be popular and everyone can't be seen.


Everything changed when the school got a new art teacher. His name was Louis and he came from somewhere else. The headmaster was just talking about that the school needed a new teacher and new stuff. I myself wasn't interested. I couldn't paint especially good and I knew he would still see those who was talented students. I just saw in my mind's still a teacher that would forget me and then wonder when he would put the mark of who I was.


"Isn't it exciting?" asked Eleanor me. She was one of those who was good at everything and she could already five languages ​​by heart. I just nodded and swallowed. Exciting? The only thing that was exciting was how much he would miss to see me. 
"Louis Tomlinson, that's his name." she went on and sounded like a kid who thought that Santa Claus was coming. 
"Nice..." I mumbled and swallowed again. I didn't say much and I kept my thoughts to myself. No one cared anyway about what I thought or felt.
"He comes from a different country." she continued, her eyes were big. "Then he must be so well-travelled, and I heard he was young. Consider that we have a young and exotic teacher!" 
I just nodded and tried to look interested. I didn't listen to her gossip. She was such a person who believed in everything that everyone told her. If you wanted to spread a rumour in school, would you talk to Eleanor. She spread everything that was said to her.


When I was on my way to my first art class with Louis, I wasn't tense or nervous. I had already realized that it didn't matter. Louis should see Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia. The girls that could paint and they could talk. The other teachers loved that three girls and they were always the favourites. 

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