Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


21. It won't be as expected

We chose a little village church. We found some tourists who wanted to be witnesses and the priest spoke in broken English. Yet it was the most wonderful day of my life. Niall looked so happy and when he got the ring on my finger, it felt genuine. We chose to eat food on a small local restaurant. Niall kept me constantly in his hand and he did more than anything to me.


In the evening we came back to the room and before he opened the door, he lifted me up in his arms. 
"I want to carry the bride through the door." he smiled and laughed. I took my arms around his neck and smiled at him. 
"As a normal couple?" 
He nodded and got the door open. I giggled as he stumbled into the room and I kissed him as soon as he had closed the door.

"And you think you can just take all shit on me!" 
Both me and Niall jumped. He dropped me on the floor and we lit the lamp. On the sofa sat Louis and he was anything but happy. He looked coldly at us and chose to see more on me than on Niall. 
"You just left the country?" 
I nodded and felt unsafe. 
"You betrayed me?" 
Louis laughed, cold and stood up. He came towards us and didn't bother to Niall stood in front of me. 
"So I failed?" 
I nodded. 
"You lied about everything."
Louis came up with a wry smile and looked straight at Niall. 
"Can I talk to her a few minutes without you?" 
Niall hesitated. 
Louis looked at me again. 
"For old time's sake?"
My whole body was shaking and I was more scared than calm. I saw at Louis that he wasn't in a good mood and he was anything but kind to us. Niall looked at me and I saw that he was as scared as I was. 
"That's okay." I whispered. "Go down to the bar, so I'm coming there then." 
Niall gulped and nodded. He left the room.


Louis looked at me from the bottom up. He seemed to have mixed feelings and directly he smiled weakly. 
"As beautiful as always?" 
I swallowed. 
"Louis, you never loved me and you treated me wrong." 
He laughed a little cold. 
"Love is overrated. I learned early on not to rely on one person, and especially not girls." 
I backed off. 
"So leave me alone now and let me live my life." 
He quickly shook his head. 
"I'm your creator and you should look up to me."
He turned and walked back to the couch. I got panicked in the body when I saw that he picked up an ax. I understood that he wanted to behead me. 
"What you have created you can destroy..." he muttered and spun around. He looked at me again and this time his eyes were cold. 
"Are you gonna kill me?" 
Louis smiled rather sheepishly and nodded. 
"It's my right!" he said quietly. "If you had read the whole book you had come to the creator's right and I can kill you if I want." 
I swallowed and backed toward the door. 
"So you want to kill me?" 
Louis laughed a little bit and held up the ax. He looked at it and then at me. 
"I have not decided yet." he raised his eyebrows. "Maybe, maybe not."
He came up to me and let the ax sharp part slide down over my chest and down my stomach. 
"It's tempting." he muttered, looking down at my breasts. "I wanted you for myself, but Niall couldn't shut up." 
I swallowed and felt the whole I shook of widespread fear. 
"So it's his fault?" 
Louis looked into my eyes and shook his head. 
"It was you who chose the site and I don't authorize that others decide things behind my back." 
I swallowed again and looked down at the ax. It was sharp and it looked just nasty. 
"Sorry ..." 
Louis laughed cold. 
"It's too late to say sorry. You should have understood that it's I who's the leader and if you don't got me behind, you stand without a single chance."
Louis lowered the ax to the floor and let the other hand glide over my face. He looked coldly at me and I almost felt the cold penetrate from him. 
"Therefore, we will determine if I'm going to kill you or give you a chance." 
I looked up at him. 
Louis nodded and let his hand slide down over my dress. 
"You have one last chance to choose correctly. Either me or Niall. Choosing wrong, I'll kill you." 
I realized that I was stuck in a trap. 
"I'm losing whatever I choose." 
He shook his head and let his hand landing between my legs. 
"No, you win life, to live."
I felt the tears came and I felt panic rise. I didn't want him and I didn't want to leave Niall. Louis pulled up the dress and let his hand caress me between my legs again. 
"I know I can give you more than him." he whispered hoarsely and let his lips slide over my cheek. He was breathing fast and I knew he was excited. 
"You gave me nothing." I replied. Louis grinned and let his hand slip back inside my panties. His fingers ended up perfectly over my clit and I balked. 
"Please, Louis, let me go." 
He groaned. 
"Give me one reason to let you live with Niall." 
I swallowed and closed my eyes. 
"I love him!"
Louis dropped the ax. He pulled down my panties and lifted me up against the door. I felt that he pulled down his pants and he penetrate. I groaned when he pounded right into me. 
"You are mine!" he hissed between his teeth and kept me hard under the ass. He started pounding me against the door and he groaned aloud. "You shouldn't fucking be with that wimp who doesn't even know what it's all about."


I cried all the time. Louis didn't care and he pushed himself hard inside me. I felt how he almost managed to pound the whole me against the door and it hurt. He moaned loudly and he panted against my ear. 
"You're fucking mine and you'll stay by my side."

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