Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


10. I want blood

It went on a week and just in time for the weekend I began to feel restless. I felt I was thirsty but the water didn't turned me off, none of what I felt. Louis pulled me home quickly after school and I was like a restless dog in the car.
"You need to have blood." he said and gave me a serious look. "It was lucky that you don't cut your teeth in any of the school."
I sighed and felt warm all over. It was as if I was sick, but at the same time not .
"Damn.." I almost screamed. "I feel like a madman."
Louis smiled rather sheepishly and took the car into his yard.
"Just take it easy. I'll help you."
I nodded a little bit and jumped out of the car. I heard the neighbour came out to water the flowers. I heard her blood pumped around and I could hear her heart beating. I could smell the scent from her vein and I was so close to throw me in her direction. Louis grabbed me and forced me into the house.
"Pull yourself together." he murmured, and threw me down on the sofa. I just stared at him and tried to collect my thoughts.
"You know everything twice over." he mumbled and made ​​sure I stayed on. He went down to picked up bottles. Meanwhile, I just had to move on my body. I noted that he had locked the front door and I realized that I couldn't escape. I still felt the neighbour scents and through the window, I watched as she walked around the yard. I felt such a craving for her blood and I saw before me how I slowly sucked out of her life. I was so close to smashing the window, but Louis had time to come up. He put the bottles on the table and laughed lightly. 
"You have been developed." 
I spun around and just stared at him. He came up to me and smiled big. 
"You will feel all the smells, hear all the sounds and you will be like a bat." 
I looked over at the bottles and put no energy at him. 
"Give me ..." 
He kissed me quickly. 
"One more thing, we have to go up. You will want to have sex as soon as you get blood in you." 
I still couldn't bother me. 
"Just give me the blood so I can calm me down."


I realized he was right. Louis gave me a bottle and as soon as I felt the liquid slide down my throat, I was like crazy. I drank it all up and threw me over Louis. I got him down on the floor and sat on him. My lips kissed him hard and I couldn't get enough. I tore my panties off and then I got up his fly. Louis just smiled and he seemed to like that I decided everything. I yanked down his pants and as soon his boner was free, I sat over it and let him penetrate. Louis screamed and he grabbed my waist. I smiled and quickly began to move up and down over him. I drank more wine and I felt my whole body changed. It was as if I wasn't myself. I was someone else and I was like crazy. Louis pulled off my clothes and I stripped him of his shirt. I loved what we did and my whole the body was screaming for more. I felt free throughout the body and the only thing I had in my head was that he would give me more. Louis also drank wine and it led him to be as crazy as I was. He lifted me up and I took my legs around his waist. He lifted me up on the bench and pulled all the stuff away so that it went down on the floor, then he put me on the counter top and leaned into me. I took my arms around your neck and I didn't get enough. He bounced into me and he held me tight. I let my nails slide across his back and I felt how he worked with every muscle.


I was like a sticky note on Louis and eventually he lifted me away from the bench. He pushed me up against the wall and I felt how he continued to bounce into me. I felt how he pounded me into the wall and the harder he took in, the more crazy I was. I wasn't aware of it, but I cut my teeth in Louis's neck. I sucked the blood that he had received before and directly, he released me. I watched as he walked over to the bottles and he poured in more blood. 
"Emelie, you can't suck out of me everything!" he laughed and looked at me. I just smiled and leaned against the wall. I showed with my whole body that I wanted more of him. He smiled and got back to me. I was fast. I kissed him again and I forced him to lift me up. He penetrate and held me hard under the butt. I felt how he started pounding me against the wall and I moaned loudly. 
"I just want to bite a little bit." I got out of me. Louis moaned. 
"You can't bite me all the time." he mumbled and I saw that he was tense throughout the body. I saw how his eyes turned red. I saw his fangs grew out. He grinning. 
"You looks the same now." 
I swallowed. 
"I have also red eyes?" 
He nodded. 
"Red eyes and beautiful fangs."


There after, became all a fog. I remembered just moaning, wine, bodies and Louis weight over me. I ended up in another state and I disappeared from reality.


When I woke up in the morning, I felt Louis held my body from behind. I opened my eyes and saw that we were lying on the floor in the living room. Everywhere there was evidence that something had happened. It lay smashed vases on the floor, everything was in chaos and I felt my whole body ached. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth. It was like a change and I felt harmony in every inch of myself. I spun gently around and looked at Louis. He was sleeping and I noticed scratch marks on his body. I realized that it was I who had caused them and I was ashamed. Louis woke up and when he opened his eyes, he looked straight at me. 
I swallowed. 
"I tore you?" 
He smiled a little bit and nodded. 
"You stabbed me with your teeth and you tore my back, but it will heal." 
I swallowed. 
"I wasn't aware of anything." 
He laughed a little bit. 
"You will experience that feeling many times, darling. In a few days you will feel the same again and we will do it all over again."
It was then I realized the truth. I was doomed to an eternal life as blood addiction.

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